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Storm Large on Rock Star: Supernova—Week Eight!

CRAP! For some reason the local STORM LARGE fanatics haven't posted her performance on YouTube.com—which means we'll have to watch the crappy-asstical MSN version which...

Mercury's Blogtown, USA
on 8/23
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Storm Large: What's PDX saying?

Betsy:I'm watching Storm. Dieselboi's watching Storm. And as it turns out, a long list of other local bloggers and media types are on this story as well. I've got a quick...

Metroblogging Portland
in Portland on 8/23
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Portland Stories Redesign: Call For Photo Submissions

Okay, here's the deal. Part of the redesign of Portland Stories is a purely decorative sidebar consisting of eight photographs -- each depicting one of the site's eight...

by theonetruebix
8/23 3:02 PM
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Can you imagine? This is my two-hundreth entry to this column! And to celebrate, why not do it with.....
filed under: celebrate, ethics, imagine
posted on OregonLive: Is it art? in Portland - 4 minutes ago
Chris Muir, aka Mr. Day by Day Cartoon, has waded into (perhaps) our country's most enduring social disagreement. This is gonna be good...
filed under: cartoon
posted on Upper Left Coast in Portland - 4 minutes ago
more on Upper Left Coast
The other day I saw a letter to the ediot which went something to the effect of: He was a divisive president. He fought an unpopular war which was going badly. Fill in some other blanks obviously designed to turn.....
filed under: bush
posted on Skull / Bones - 4 minutes ago
Recent immigration grades: Senator Smith: F Senator Wyden: D You now have the nurseries and the farmers thanking Smith in a new radio spot for his amnesty vote. It's a great ad that takes the "blame the victim" approach of saying that it is our fault...
filed under: illegal aliens
posted on Daniel's thoughtful musings in Sherwood - 5 minutes ago
more on Daniel's thoughtful musings
Alas! I am only a blogger, I don't know the meaning of tact; I got my butt kicked back in July Dieu said "You must take up your act!" I heckled Ron Wyden with pleasure, On everyone else I just.....
filed under: act, apology, butt, pleasure, ron wyden
posted on South(west)paw in Eugene - 18 minutes ago
After working, pilates, and laundry, I decided to go shopping. I was after a lightweight jacket, shorts/capris for biking, a long sleeve shirt or two for biking, and possibly fall-weather shoes if I had time. Biking clothes are proving to be difficult to...
filed under: laundry, shoes
posted on Realigned Rain in Portland - 19 minutes ago
We recently received this comment from one of our UK readers. He seems troubled. We've been wanting to add a "Dear Morton" section to our blog, but had decided that advice might not really be our strong point. Anyway, let's give it a try: Dear Morton,...
posted on City Business Church in Portland - 19 minutes ago
more on City Business Church
I've been traipsing around to various parks, painting in preparation for going to the John Day Fossil Beds as artist-in-residence. A watercolor, done in Colonel Summers Park. An oil, done in Laurelhurst Park. Another oil, painted in...
filed under: photos
posted on southeast main - 20 minutes ago - This post has Oregon-related content
Net Neutrality sweetness courtesy Leslie of Gem Sweater (who always reminds me of Pearl Forrester), that Peter Pan dude and Jay "Tron guy" Maynard of internet infamy. Also appearing: Subservient Chicken, those two Chinese kids from YouTube, the...
filed under: dude, youtube
posted on emoglasses - 20 minutes ago
more on emoglasses
nirvana v. pearl jam you all know where i stand on this one. either way it is a neat little collection. and it is also good for me to be reminded that while i think nirvana is overrated, i guess they are not overrated by much...
posted on moroccan cliff divers - 34 minutes ago
I had the great experience of being interviewed by the Yuba Gals - producers of Peak Moment Television. Peak Moment is a project of the for Alliance for a Post-Petroleum Local Economy (APPLE) out of Nevada City, California. They are.....
filed under: local, television
posted on Radical Noesis in Portland - 34 minutes ago
more on Radical Noesis
filed under: gresham
posted on OregonLive: Golf in Portland - 34 minutes ago - This post has Oregon-related content
Quote of the Day, from Holy Days: The World of a Hasidic Family by Lis Harris: "I asked Mirian if she ever read the classic fairy tales to her children, or any other secular books. She said she didn't, because she wanted the villains and heroes her...
posted on Everybody's Got Something... - 35 minutes ago
more on Everybody's Got Something...
So it looks like the next episode of Survivor is following a new model. The cast will initially be divided into four tribes based on the contestants' races. There was a rumor that Donald Trump was going to do this on the Apprentice, but for whatever...
filed under: survivor
posted on Alas, a Blog - 35 minutes ago - This post has Oregon-related content
Chris here with a guest post. It's great to have Ali back home from her travels. I like having her here to share my daily campaign trail stories with. And boy do I have stories! But first, thank you to everyone who voted for me in Congressman Earl...
filed under: ali, congressman
posted on { A } - 49 minutes ago - This post has Oregon-related content
A discussion of sadism and cartoons over at Girish's spurred me to re-read Susan Sontag's "Fascinating Fascism." While looking for it online, I ran into a fawning obit to Riefenstahl by Aidan Campbell in Spiked. [It has, in the last few hours,...
filed under: film
posted on Fagistan - 49 minutes ago
My beat up arm. Spider bite or wasp sting above and tube burn at elbow level. I'd been swarmed by yellow jackets and wasps at the Monroe House of Orange colony, mainly because, it's bee aggression time of year and because I often am saturated or...
filed under: elbow, orange
posted on Cat Eyes in Corvallis - 1 hour ago - This post has Oregon-related content
more on Cat Eyes
(Click Comic for Larger View) Places to Go Not too much to say about this comic. I am still stuck for good story ideas, but I figure I will press on with what I have got started here. I sketched this one out in the non-photo blue pencil, then inked...
posted on Angry Bear Comics in Portland - 1 hour ago
Reason #3284723432.8 why I love Portland: These people are marvelously goofy. Here's a perfect example. This is what one blogger said of her SE Portland neighborhood. The thing I like best about my neighborhood is that all of the stop signs within a...
filed under: i love, reason
posted on Jalpuna! in Portland - 1 hour ago - [2 clicks] - This post has Oregon-related content
It's because my manager does awesome things like launch weather balloons to 114,000ft and takes pictures of the Cascades. Check it out! In the pict, when you enlarge it, you can see Mt. Hood, the forest fires around Mt. Hood, Columbia River, and Mt....
posted on cherz in Portland - 1 hour ago - This post has Oregon-related content
I am listening to a chart called Pharoh's Dance, on the Bitches Brew [Disc 1] album by Miles Davis, and I think I am about two minutes away from having my head explode. It's acidic, rhythmically all over the place, and so intense I really can't do...
filed under: listening
posted on Clever Title Goes Here in Milwaukie - 1 hour ago
Bored now. Let's nuke...
filed under: iran, shorter
posted on Long story; short pier - 1 hour ago
more on Long story; short pier
posted on Middle-Fork in Eugene - 1 hour ago
Obviously, these "scientists" never watched Seinfeld... Study: Polar Bear Genitals Are Shrinking! Scientists blame pollution. But as any Seinfeld fan (or any actual man) can tell you, cold water causes shrinkage. Maybe the polar bears should consider a...
filed under: pool, scientists
posted on Resistance is futile! in Eugene - 1 hour ago
I got an email alert today reminding me that Spamalot!, the Monty Python musical, will be coming to the Fabulous Fox starting in October. I've only been to the Fox once, to see Phantom (what else?), but it was a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed...
filed under: lust
posted on mellow-drama in Portland - 6:56 AM - [2 clicks] - This post has Oregon-related content
more on mellow-drama
one of the joys of having my big bro in town was getting to leave the kidbots behind with the grandparents to go see sam muthaf*in jackson kill some muthaf*in snakes on that muthaf*in plane on opening day. we indulged in the two drink minimum before...
filed under: snakes
posted on semaphoria.com in Portland - 6:56 AM
The last two days at Bread Loaf were my busiest yet. On Tuesday, I taught a craft class on "The Character's Language" or what to do when the characters we create do not speak the language in which we write. If your heroine speaks Urdu or Igbo or Arabic,...
filed under: mid week
posted on MoorishGirl in Portland - 6:41 AM
I'm always impressed with people who master foreign languages- especially English as a second language. English is very tricky for Japanese to learn and pronounce, and through hosting exchange students I have a deep appreciation for the intracacies of...
posted on just blu in Eugene - 6:11 AM
more on just blu
Somewhere on the inside of this aging body is the soul of a dancer. I had a little friend named Annie when I was around four years old and her parents were Austrian.....
filed under: aging, parents
posted on Kris's Korner of the World in Portland - 5:46 AM
more on Kris's Korner of the World
130 years later and the typewriter is still slowing me down. When you type on a typewriter (for those of you under 25(?) who've never seen one) and reach the end of a line you grasp the "carriage return bar" which would return the carriage to the home...
posted on Scott Hanselman's Weblog - 5:41 AM
more on Scott Hanselman's Weblog
Bush has changed direction on Iraq. He has moved from supporting a gradual withdrawal of U.S. troops, to recommitting himself to full engagement. Bush is on the campaign (money) trail, and rejecting any form of withdrawal from Iraq. Of course,.....
filed under: bush, direction, iraq, troops
posted on Uncommon Thought Journal - 5:26 AM - [2 clicks]
Woooo! Good stuff going on this week! We have two awesome dinners going on; one the usual awesome at the dining hall, the other even more awesome, picnic-style at a new location. I'll start by telling you about Friday's dinner. On Friday, August...
more on Extramsg: Portland Food Guide
Once again I'm taking part in Works for Me Wednesday. I'm excited about a new Star System that Tinks therapists gave us. I told her that the stars and reward system was just not working by itself, so she gave us a system that she says has been used very...
filed under: stars
posted on Dishpan Dribble in Oregon City - 5:11 AM
Hi, How ya doing? I'm great, family's good. I'm curious to find out what I'll review next, last week seemed to have a Thai Theme. This week seems to be Mexican or at least Burritos. So the other day I was a bit hung over and needed some serious food to...
filed under: bend, burrito, hung
posted on Bend Oregon Restaurants - 4:44 AM - This post has Oregon-related content
Today I was logging into my bank account. I was so pleased when it auto-selected the username field. There are almost no occasions that I go to the site and don't login to my account. This reminded me of the first time I saw Google. It was somewhere in...
filed under: google
posted on Simplicity Rules in Portland - 4:43 AM
Just a couple months after Oregon State's run through the college world series, another team from Oregon is making a run. This time it's Murray Hill (Beaverton) shooting for the little league world championship, having now reached the US final. I...
posted on Web Things Considered - 4:43 AM - This post has Oregon-related content
more on Web Things Considered
Nope, haven't written about the news in awhile. For now, it's time to let it wash and not obsess about it, in spite of its actual, factual or invented importance. So I haven't and won't. I've just returned from the easiest vacation that I've ever been...
filed under: nope
posted on un autre introduction in Portland - 4:42 AM
We must have loved each other long before this life, for when I first saw thee my heart leapt for joy. ~ Me ~...
filed under: heart
posted on Fat Ninja in Hillsboro - 4:41 AM
After reading Cilantro is more a cool weather plant than I had thought (I "assumed"...no comments please) it was from the desert regions to match the food you usually see it served with........... I have planted cilantro today, Aug 23 both commercial...
filed under: food, match, reading
posted on Scuff Productions - 4:27 AM
more on Scuff Productions
This is pretty cool, Colin Mutchler has released an album of his songs remixed by the CCMixter community. CCMixter is pretty amazing stuff, but I don't think I got the UI right when we launched it. Here's Colin's history on CCMixter and you can see all...
filed under: community
posted on A Whole Lotta Nothing in McMinnville - 4:27 AM
more on A Whole Lotta Nothing
Last week Loaded Orygun, one of the best progressive blogs in the Beaver State, released the first half of an extended interview with Mike conducted a few weeks back. Today blogger Torrid Joe follows up with the second half of the interview, which covers...
filed under: blogs, loaded, progressive
I don't wanna go on and on about the JonBenet Ramsey investigation. I just want to state a fact. You should, at all costs, avoid looking like a psychotic video game villain when you're being accused of murdering a six-year-old girl. Half-Life's G-Man...
filed under: creepy, karr, video
posted on Deanish in Portland - 4:27 AM
more on Deanish
Senator Larry Craig and his staff - and they wouldn't be alone - must still be wondering about just what the hell happened at their town hall meeting Tuesday night in Coeur d'Alene. They'd have good reason to, because a significant issue rides on it: To...
filed under: hell, reason, tuesday night
posted on Ridenbaugh Press in Carlton - 4:26 AM
more on Ridenbaugh Press
As if to emphasize the stats I reported yesterday about the end of our dry period here in Portland...it is raining this morning. Actually it's just a light drizzle but still...it's overcast and there is water falling from the sky...technically that...
filed under: portland, sky
posted on rodger dodger - 4:12 AM - This post has Oregon-related content
more on rodger dodger
I spent the day yesterday on a small dairy farm. I walked through all the processes of the daily activity and helped where I could and stood back where I would have hindered. Cows are such wonderful creatures. Each has a personality and each seems to...
posted on Astoria Oregon Rust in Astoria - 4:11 AM