Saturday, 08 September 2007

I have started to form a couple lists of things to do or learn while I am on my self-induced break time. My typical methodology is to keep lists in my head, which worked well when I was a little younger and could remember things. Not so much the case these days. Ah, oldness. Gotta love it.

So I am organizing a couple lists. One if stuff I want to get done. The other is things I want to learn. Oh and and another one is things to do, which is a sort of people to see and places to go list.

Suggestions are always welcome. What do you think I should do during this unique time?

Stuff I need (or want) to get done

  • Get some real rest (making great progress on this one)
  • Finish the bonus room floor and trim at home (floor's done!)
  • Finish the shed at home
  • Add a deck to the side of the house
  • Travel somewhere in a 18-wheeler with my friend Broc
  • Dust off the cameras and get back into the photography swing
  • Sell my street motorcycle (2004 CBR600RR - email me, heh)
  • Finish reading this darned Koontz novel that I started 9 months ago, heh (done - it was Intensity and it was a fun read)
  • Read another book or two (one for enjoyment, one for furthering myself)

Things I need (or want) to learn

  • Learn a programming language, at least at a starter level - I an thinking C# - any ideas?
  • I need to study up for a couple certification exams that the whole we-got-bought-busyness process pushed off my schedule, and then reschedule the exams

Things/places I need (or want) to do/go

  • Visit family in Colorado
  • Visit family in California
  • Visit New Mexico (where I used to live)
  • Visit a few friends and colleagues in Seattle (I'm about half-way on this one)

I'll add to this list over time. I'm not nearly as concerned about accomplishing all of these things as I am about listing them out where I can see them and whittling away at them over the next little while.

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Monday, 10 September 2007 15:24:33 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
Sure hope you stop by my place when you get here!!!!
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