Wednesday, 02 June 2004

Web Search Power ToolSomeone I know got third place in a Power-tool/toy coding contest for Tablet PC ink apps with a cool little application he wrote in 17 minutes last fall. The Web Search Power Tool, which allows to to hand-write a search phrase and then submit it to any of four search engines, is pretty useful actually, if you use ink a lot.

Second place is interesting, but not really all that up my alley - it's a nifty pressure-sensitive ink app called PowerPaint, check it out if you're into weird funky electronic drawing.

The first place winner is sweet. Create your own True-Type font in your own handwriting with the My Own Font tool. In less than 5 minutes I created, compiled and installed a Greg_Hughes custom handwritten font on my Tablet (by the way, you can use the generated font on any Windows computer - it's just another TTF font).

See a complete and well-done review of the tools at TabulaPC. Downloads also available at

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