Sunday, 25 April 2004

One of the other new things in OneNote SP1 Preview is added funcionality that allows programmers to build connectors that will import content into OneNote from other applications. Andrew May has a couple of entries on his blog that provide an early look at using the new Type Library:

“The new OneNote 1.1 Type Library includes functionality which enables you to programmatically import images, ink, and HTML into OneNote.”

Andrew also posted the OneNote Simple Import XML Schema.

Chris Pratley outlines a few ideas about what kids of power-toys for OneNote might be interesting to see some day, and offers to collect real, practical ideas from users and developers about what we think the OneNote dev team should build into the product:

“We're also interested in hearing details of any kind of extensibility you would actually use if we were to add it. The details are important - we plan to add extensibility only to support real scenarios, not just allow anything to be extended.”

SideNote: It's great to see this kind of two-way communication in the blogosphere. Thanks to Chris and the OneNote team for watching the user community and soliciting input!

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