Sunday, 10 September 2006

Battlestar Galactica Webisodes I first discovered Battlestar Galactica (the "new" series, that is) early this year while traveling on airplanes for business. I watched every episode on my iPod (both on planes and on my TV), rather than on the SciFi Channel on TV. It's a great show, really. As a kid I liked the original "classic" series, which in reality was quite campy and probably entertaining mostly to kids. But the modern show is much more adult and subtle, with a great storyline and effects. From the pilot through the first two seasons, it's been fun to watch.

Anyhow, the next season (which will be the third) of Battlestar Galactica starts on October 6th this year. Meanwhile, for all of September and the first week of October leading up to the third-season premier, SciFi is releasing ten new online video "webisodes." New episodes are published twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) on its web site. This past week we saw the first two, and many more are coming. And be sure to watch for the season three sneak peeks at the end.

And if you happen to be a podcast, sci-fi, and techie geek - this is really the show for you. Read on.

Not familiar with the series but want to see what it's about? You can also watch a full episode, "Scar," online at In fact, there's lots of Battlestar Galactica video on their site, from deleted scenes to video podcasts to the webisodes. Word is there's a special that aired recently that catches you up on the first three seasons, and it will air a few times between now and the season premier - but it's not yet available online, although it it supposed to be for all of September.

Are you a fan of audio commentaries by the people that create your favorite shows and movies? Well, you can subscribe to a podcast of show commentary (for most of the episodes) by producer Ronald D. Moore. And of course once subscribed you will always have the latest and greatest delivered to you. Just start playing the commentary for you episode when the words "The Cylons Were Created By Man" appear on the TV screen. Pretty slick, and an interesting way to use podcast audio.

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