Monday, 13 December 2004

The bandwagon is rolling rolling rolling along: MSN kicked a new toolbar suite out the door that integrates desktop search – cool stuff. Check it out.

I like the display-results-as-you-type thing, similar to X1. Google needs this.

“MSN Toolbar Suite features three different toolbars to help you search the Web and your computer from Microsoft Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer, the Windows taskbar, and Microsoft Outlook.”

Update: Scott has a look under the hood and compares the MSN desktop search to the Google desktop search, as well.

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Monday, 13 December 2004 16:39:57 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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 Sunday, 12 December 2004

Google rocks my virtual world every day. If it doesn’t do the same for you, it should. I’ve written about this before in the context of knowing how to leverage Google’s advanced search capabilities, but many don’t know that there is much more to Google than searching.

There are so many cool things you can do at Google. Things that will capture your attention and hold it hostage for hours and days at a time. Some of those things are fun, some are serious. All are pretty darn cool. Things like this:

Google Search for Klingons (sorry I could not resist):


Dave has links to a few other “languages,” too.

And then there’s all the cool Google Labs stuff, the latest of which is Google Suggests.

What else can you do at Google? Well – here’s their own list:

Google Services: Use one of our many services to find what you're looking for.


Google Labs

(tons of cool new stuff here!)

Special Searches

(see more below)


Google Tools: We offer various tools to help you get more done.


Additionally, you can Add Google to your Browser by making Google your default search engine.

Google Special Searches: Often better than you’ll find at the web sites that are home to the technologies themselves…

Apple Macintosh

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Sunday, 12 December 2004 23:58:00 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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Nice to see the docs rolling out the door on the black-box stuff in SharePoint Portal Server. Here’s another, covering the syntax used in SharePoint Portal Server’s full-text search – Apparently it’s a preview of the what is to come in the next SDK release…

This download includes a preview of the reference documentation for Microsoft SharePointPSSearch, the SQL Syntax used for Microsoft SharePointPSSearch Full Text Search with Microsoft Office SharePoint® Portal Server 2003. Look for updates to this documentation in the Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies 2003 Software Development Kit (SDK).

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Sunday, 12 December 2004 10:37:33 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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If you’ve worked on rebranding (to any significant extent) SharePoint Portal Server 2003, you know how difficult it can be to feel confident in what you’re actually doing, due mostly to the lack of documentation on the subject.

Well, Microsoft has released two papers on the Office Developer Center to help:

  • Branding a SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Site:
    • Part 1, Understanding the Use of a Corporate Brand
      Learn what it means to "brand" a SharePoint Portal Server site, and about the different types of branding you can apply to a portal site to reflect an organization's identity.
    • Part 2, How to Apply Your Own Corporate Brand
      Through step-by-step examples of the typical tasks involved in branding a Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server site, learn to change the standard banner, introduce a custom style sheet, and enhance the user experience of your portal site through interface, navigation, and page layout changes.

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Sunday, 12 December 2004 10:31:26 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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 Saturday, 11 December 2004

Coming Soon - Oregon’s commemorative state quarter:


Reverse Image: "Crater Lake"
Description: Features a portion of Crater Lake, viewed from the south-southwest rim to include Wizard Island and Watchman and Hillman Peaks on the lake’s rim.

Engraver: Donna Weaver

Circulation plans, per the Statesman Journal:

General Circulation: June 2005
Five-State Proof Set: January 6
Silver Proofs: TBA

(Spotted via Jonathan Singer’s blog)

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Saturday, 11 December 2004 12:16:58 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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 Friday, 10 December 2004

“2004 would be remembered as they year that everything began.”

And the rest will be history…

You need to watch this. Seriously. Thought-provoking.

(thanks to Brandon for pointing this out)

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Friday, 10 December 2004 14:40:11 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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