Wednesday, 01 December 2004

Jeremy Wright, a talented and well-known blogger, is auctioning himself on eBay:

“What do I get with this auction?

“This auction allows you to utilize this blogger for 3 months. He will produce between 5-10 posts a week. In addition, the blogger will work with you to see what potential there is for blogging for you and your company - in effect acting as a blogging consultant for you for the period.

“If it is a fit, the blogger is happy to negotiate a deal to make the position a more permanent contract position for a reasonable fee.

“Note: I have explained my reasons for doing this more fully at my blog.”

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Wednesday, 01 December 2004 14:32:11 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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 Tuesday, 30 November 2004

Philipp Lenssen has posted an excellent video tutorial on advanced Internet searching. Great for beginners and experienced people alike. I have been thinking about doing something like this (I am constantly asked about how to do advanced searching), but Philipp beat me to it. That’s good – my bandwidth use is already high enough on my web host!

(via and Scoble’s linkbog)

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Tuesday, 30 November 2004 23:53:02 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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Seen the Subservient Chicken before?

Well, now Robert Gale links to The Subservient Stickman:

‘Nuf said…

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Tuesday, 30 November 2004 23:28:01 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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Click for the trailerIf you’re a Lord of the Rings movie fan (and hey, what geek isn’t?), probably the best DVD release of the series is about to happen.

A four-disc Platinum Series “Special Extended Edition” of the Return of the King (a Platinum special edition collector set version is also available) will be released with a shipping date of December 14th, with many additional scenes chosen by the director – There’s 50 minutes of new footage and 20+ hours (yes, hours) of bonus materials. That means the feature movie is 250 minutes long and pressed onto two DVD discs. Two additional DVDs, called “The Appendices,” contain tons of behind-the-scenes and complimentary content and documentaries.

A new online trailer gives a sneak preview of some of the additions, along with commentary by the director and actors.

Buy it online if you want to get a head-start:

(via GeekRoar)

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Tuesday, 30 November 2004 22:51:53 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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Are you one of those “project management often causes more problems than it solves” kind of people?

Well, I don’t really want to repost it here, so click this link to go to Ian White’s blog and enjoy a sarcastic laugh.

And no, I don’t think ill of project managers at all, but I did laugh out loud at what Ian posted…

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Tuesday, 30 November 2004 20:41:35 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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I recently moved offices, and I was just talking to a co-worker of mine, Phil Weber. At his desk (which is by my new digs) he has a sealed package with a posable action figure and accessories in it that I had never seen before.

It's called GEEKMAN.

Now this is really something else... I had GI-Joes and some action figures from TV shows like Adam 12 and Emergency when I was a kid, but never would I have guessed - even in today's world - that a geek action figure would appear.

Geek and action in the same word... Well - you get the point.

But sure enough, it exists. Want one? They sell them at ThinkGeek, and there's even a web site for the action figure - how's that for complete?

It'll probably end up being a collector, just wait. Sheez!

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Tuesday, 30 November 2004 18:29:59 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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