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What's All This Then?

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Saturday Edition

To err is human. To break every commandment before
breakfast takes skill: Scott Smith's Ten.

Coudal Partners

Pixies Discs From The Show

Want You
To Know

For a limited time and starting right this minute, every one of our custom mixed and designed Pixies live disc sets is just ten dollars. There are over 40 shows available starting with the tail-end of the big comeback tour in 2004 and including virtually all of the North American, European and Japanese dates since then. Each show was recorded as a clean multi-track and mixed and mastered in our studio. Some of our faves include NYC 12/15/04, Indianapolis 6/7/05, Manchester 8/30/05 and Tokyo 12/6/05.

Speakers way, way up for Debaser from Norfolk in December of 2004.

72° the next big project

Medium Cool

EMILY: Nothing exciting will happen, I suppose. There aren't any bells or whistles or fireworks. It'll just happen and... there aren't bells and whistles or fireworks, are there?


We've just finished a draft of the script for our next film project, 72°. As with Copy Goes Here, we're posting as we go along and also looking for a title sponsor and a roster of Executive Producers. Unlike CGH, this time we really started at the beginning. When we began, all we had was an archival photo for inspiration and a lot of enthusiasm. Check the weblog here and scroll down to see the very first entry for details. We're forever in debt to those who are coming along for the ride, like the most recent additions to our Executive Producer roster, Charles Adler and Paul Joyce.

cp via mail

Infrequent Mailings

Our Infrequent Mailing go out every month or so and always contain news, an offer and a subscriber-only contest. So, if you're not on the list just add your email at the bottom of the right-hand column. We won't ever abuse the privilege.

New From Jewelboxing


Introducing our latest, limited-time product from Jewelboxing. Holidisc kits have been created for Moms and Dads with cute kids and design skills and include just about everything needed to create and mail sweet digital holiday greetings. Beside the kit, all you need is design software, a printer and a bit of creativity.

We put TicTacs in the spines of the cases, they look nice and make a cool sound when you shake them. You could use tinsel or pine needles or whatever else you want in there. Eggnog won't work so well though.

the museum of online museums

The Sacred and
The Profane

The Fall Exhibitions at our Museum of Online Museums (MoOM) are up and range from the serene beauty of the Rijksmuseum's Masterpiece Tour to the lascivious but mesmerizing collection of Mens' Magazine Covers from the '50s and '60s. There's plenty to see in between those extremes too. The MoOM was featured recently on NPR's All Things Considered, was selected as one of Time Magazine's 50 Coolest Websites for 2005 and was discussed at some length on a recent episode of Hello Beautiful!

a CP film copy goes here

Inaction Heroes

For the proper effect, check the trailer first and then please take a few minutes (eleven actually) to watch our short feature film, Copy Goes Here. Thanks to everyone who hooked it up or sent us a note. Oh, in case you missed it, here's what our home page looked like when we debuted the movie. We also made tees for the film and we thought they'd perhaps help us sell a few DVDs. And they did. But what we didn't expect is that we'd ship so many of them to so many places. We just got a new batch in, and reduced the price, so order yours today.

scott smith pulling focus

Wake Up To Sin

Director/creative Scott Smith writes Pulling Focus for us, it's the daily diary of a guy trying to make a film, his wife trying to create a retail brand and the both of them trying to manage two kids and all the rest of it. We're also hosting Scott's stylish short film Ten, in which a man breaks all ten commandments before breakfast. It's a nice way to start the day. From Scott's most recent post.

"ME: “Don’t look at the needle, sweetie.” SYDNY: “I want to.” ME: “That’s the worst part. Look at me.” SYNDY: “Noooooooo!”" Read the entire post.

readers reading

Poetry After the Beep

On a whim, we asked people to read their favorite short poems into our answering machine for a project we called Verse By Voice. And they did, creating maybe the first-ever poetry meme. Make sure to listen to novelist Zadie Smith reading Frank O'Hara's Animals and Laura Demanski reading Gerard Manley Hopkins' Spring and Fall. Note: we didn't include what is surely not Christopher Walken reading EE Cummings, but that's worth a listen too. Jim talked about this project during his recent appearance on Hello Beautiful!

CP Friday Goofing

Not Yet Rated

While hunting around for a lost file we found this lockup for a movie title we created a while ago. It was a test for a project that we're still developing, on and off. Since it's getting late in the day and we don't have enough time to start something new, we thought we'd make a little something goofy out of it by creating a teaser spot. We are available to pitch the entire movie concept and start production right away. We figure we can shoot the whole thing for less than 160 million dollars, depending on how much it costs to get Ralph Fiennes to play the lead.

For a movie we actually are making, check out our production blog for 72° and please consider joining us as an Executive Producer.

2006 field-tested books

Pack Carefully,
Books Are Heavy

Most places it's getting a bit chilly for reading by the pool but there's still time to catch up on our Field-Tested Books reading list. 47 personal reviews of books read in "a certain place" are online and free and if that's not enough, or you're a fan of portability and typography, or just have six extra bucks, we also have a book available as a PDF that includes 29 more, plus a sweet limited-edition, screened poster created by Aesthetic Apparatus. (Our reviews get reviewed in Time Out, The Christian Science Monitor and at Bookslut.)

the portable walleye

Einstein’s Fish

One of our most popular recent projects was the Einstein Fish Puzzle. We have formatted the puzzle as a portable, printable document so you can see if you're in the two percent of the population that Albert Einstein purportedly said could figure it out. Download it now, print it out and at the very least, maybe your family can fight about something new during the holidays this year.

December Guest Kevin Cornell

Bear With Us

You might not know his name but when you see one of his illustrations or cartoons you'll likely say "oh yeah, that guy." Kevin Cornell (kc), is the lord of the manor at the unstoppable Bearskinrug, a site practically bursting at the seams with art and nonsense. Check out his tees, prints and books, there is a lot of great stuff there. Kevin has agreed to guest edit for us during December, sometimes the old fashioned way, with words and occasionally in his native tounge, pictures.

A list of all the brilliant people who have helped us by guest editing Fresh Signals can be found here.

Other recent features are listed on Page Two.

Fresh Signals

Not Just Booze in Bouzy, France. dw-yesterday

Breweries in the former DDR. Their history, their beers and stats. jc-yesterday

Strange Soviet Buildings. Via Byrdhouse. sd-yesterday

A Christmas must: Mr. Bean's manger. bb-yesterday

Premiere's terrific 20 Most Overrated Movies of All Time. Note to JC: Don't go past #18. It'll just make you mad. Via Chris Glass. sd-yesterday

"5. Code does not make blip noises as it appears on the screen." What code doesn't do in real life (that it does in the movies). Via This Place is Dead. sd-yesterday

Our very own SD is featured in an article in today's Chicago Tribune about "buzz-worthy local filmmakers". ms-yesterday

The Wunderbarcooler would look great on the kitchen counter next to the soft serve ice cream machine. dw-yesterday

Be forewarned, you're likely to have the Greenfield and Keller theme song stuck in your head all weekend after visiting 1164 Morning Glory Circle's excellent collection of Bewitched elements. jc-yesterday

Jean Paul Ganem, "My agricultural designs are found where art is least expected... are made with plants, therefore, they are constantly changing with time." Via Aeiou. jc-yesterday

Long Day from Pascal. Know the feeling. jc-yesterday

Find out your Global richness rank. Then find out how selfish you may or may not be. kc-yesterday

Cartoon Brew has collected ten spectacular, highly graphic, animated spots from France in the 50's. Awesome. Via Green Cine Daily. jc-yesterday

Hint. Subscribing today will get you the Infrequent Mailing and gift that you missed yesterday. Just enter your email at the bottom of the right-hand column. cp-yesterday

Germany vs. Greece. jc-yesterday

Curveball: A new spin on pong. Or a new pong with spinning. Whatever. kc-yesterday

"Look at it very closely: the details disappear in a funny way." Metropolis Magazine on the reopening of Philip Johnson's Glass House in New Canan, CT which is scheduled for April. Plus, a great interview with Vincent Scully about the the house. Via Lifson. jc-yesterday

For Finn, here's our film about Crown Hall that you're looking for. jc-yesterday

Oh Lord, I'll be unavailable for a while. If you really need me I'll be in the Mego Library, checking the Department Store Christmas Catalogs, probably over here. jc-yesterday

The Gallery of Monster Toys seems like a fit for MoOM. jc-yesterday

Matthew posts the runners up and various other Good Gift Games that didn't make his "Best Of" list. jc-yesterday

"It's gorgeous, stone simple. But what do you do when it rains? 'You get wet.'" Mies in Miami. Via Archinect. sd-12.07

Noted without comment. Banana Guard FAQ. Thanks Judson. jc-12.07

As long as we're on English maps: Atlas of Wizarding Britain. Yes, we're Potter Nerds. bb-12.07

A nice Motorway Map of England, Scotland and Wales, and a Monopoly Map, as well. Via Things. se-12.07


Daniel and Kelly, our friends over at Impactist, have just updated their beautiful ongoing side project, Field Trip, with three amazing new entries. If you'd like to learn more about Impactist, we did an interview with them for our very first Jewelboxing Case Study. sd-12.07

An Infrequent Mailing just went. jc-12.07

Playground time in the bitter cold is a lot more interesting with play structures like these found in Russia. Very cool. Via BB. se-12.07

Church marketing does suck, so bravo to Church Marketing Sucks for trying to do something about it. (found while reading about a 62-foot-tall Jesus torso outside Dayton, OH). bb-12.07

Page Two contains the previous 20 Fresh Signals, a key to the icons, Depth of Field, the categorical archives and more.

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the pitch

You can be an Executive Producer of our new short feature film, 72°. If you've always wanted to be a hotshot Hollywood player, or you just want to lend a hand to the project here's your chance.

A Thing We Made:

We hated the options available for custom packaging DVDs and CDs so we created a brand that gives creative professionals and hobbyists the tools to make great stuff. Here's a bit from the latest Jewelboxing weblog entry:

"I wasn’t satisfied with the options at my local office store and wanted something with a WOW factor. A friend referred me to your site, I watched the fun video, and was instantly hooked."" Read the entire post.

Another Thing We Made: The Show

Limited-edition, professionally mixed and mastered, custom-designed live performances on CD. That's The Show. With partners like The Pixies and Dead Can Dance. More news soon.

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