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Leadership for the 21st Century

Whether the task is helping your company learn how to grow through savvy use of business blogging, making a formal presentation to a packed auditorium of professionals on any of a variety of business or technical topics, leading a class of adult learners, or writing a business or technical book for neophytes, my central focus remains the same: to explain complex concepts and technologies in a way that lets you gain insight into the subject.

My newest venture are online and phone-based instruction, and I'm working on a variety of different courses with industry experts like Brad Fallon and Steven Van Yoder. We've built a Weblog and company around it, actually: Blogsmart: Business Training Courses and Workshops. Check it out, I think you'll find it a splendid addition to your marketing budget.

My primary weblog is The Intuitive Life a business blog (or business weblog if you prefer) where I explore communications, marketing, branding, and industry news. The latest entries are When is a blog too personal?, Vote for AskDaveTaylor as best Tech Blog of 2006, and much more.

I also manage the fantastically busy Ask Dave Taylor! a popular technical and business discussion Q&A website with topics ranging from Linux and Mac to interview techniques and the history of Russian communism. Here are the two latest question and answer topics: Why are my AdSense ads not related to my topic? Memorex Travel Drive + U3 software suite

If you're a parent like I am, you'll also be interested in, an attachment parenting website I run. The latest topics on that site are Do you ever lie to your kids?, Can't get her kids to sleep, she needs help!, Pop over to the site and find out what attachment parenting is all about. I'll give you a clue, though: it's not something that your nanny or full-time babysitter can offer because you're too busy working...

I'm also a professional photographer on the side and I invite you to view my portfolio and read my musings about photography at Colorado Portraits.

Book-wise, my most recently published works are The Complete Idiot's Guide to Growing Your Business with Google (from Penguin), which offers every entrepreneur and business person hundreds of great ideas on how to increase your presence online, Learning Unix for Mac OS X Tiger (from O'Reilly Media), a great and blessedly succinct guide to getting started with the Unix inside your Mac, and Wicked Cool Shell Scripts (from NoStarch Press), 101 fun and informative shell scripts for Unix, Linux and Mac OS X systems.

If you're part of the online education world, you might find me teaching some technical courses for the University of Phoenix Online. I teach WEB/410 (HTML) and POS/420 (Unix). On the ground, I'm pleased to be teaching for the University of Colorado, Boulder, Continuing Education department, Intermediate HTML and Unix System Administration classes.

Whatever your marketing, communications or informational needs, be it weblog guidelines, seminars, workshops, expert technical communication, or entrepreneurial and management assistance, you won't regret hiring Dave Taylor and Intuitive Systems.