make an ipod a universal remote control

ipod remote

man, this took awhile to cook up, but it was worth it. using an ir transmitter from griffin and included pocket pc software, i recorded  the "sounds" my remotes to the dvd player, tv, etc� make and then imported them to my pc. after that, i changed the sounds and then put them on the ipod, an ipod with the ir transmitter as opposed to headphones. and then i used my ipod to control my time, handy to set up playlists for macros (turn on tivo, media center, tv�).

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1. Very good i dont know how you thought of it, one let down is that you have to have a pocket pc (which i dont have) but if you have its worth a try although you can buy universal remotes for cheaper.

Posted at 11:55AM on Feb 21st 2005 by Mark Dean 0 stars

2. it sounds like a good idea but maby all you need is to plug it into, either the mic port or the line in port and record it with an advanced editing program then mute the right sound and copy it to any mp3 player

Posted at 1:48AM on Mar 10th 2006 by amjad k. 0 stars

3. i love this idea,i have a psp and i was wondering if this idea could be applied to the psp(a psp that could control your tv and other living room devices-freakin cool)

Posted at 2:31PM on Jan 10th 2006 by matt right 0 stars

4. it should be possible with just a pc
justt put the total remote in your audio input. (and try to get the software running offcourse)

Posted at 4:57AM on Mar 20th 2005 by koekie 0 stars

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