make a ramjet engine


for about $60, you can make your own ramjet. i haven't tried this yet, but it's on the tipity-top of my to-do list for future projects. 100% chemically bonded construction - absolutely no welding required, hot hot hot!

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1. i think the easyest way to supply the spark plug would be to build a high voltage flyback circuit or a circuit using a car ignition coil, search on google for circuit plans.

Posted at 1:02PM on Aug 17th 2006 by alex 0 stars

2. How would you go about making something to supply the spark plug with enough electrity to spark?

Posted at 1:10AM on Jun 24th 2006 by John Fischer 0 stars

3. i am using the ramjet idea and combine it with the steamjet to build an underwater propulsion system using the coolingwater of the engine and the exhaust pipe heat to increase the steam volume it should give me a considderable increase in hp i expect 20% increase your comment appriciated regards gerry

Posted at 9:53PM on Mar 14th 2006 by gerhard steenbuck 0 stars

4. hello group, i have just built this maggie mug ram jet over the thanks giving weekend. it only took me 6 hrs to make the whole thing. i brazed welded the stainless parts together using alloy rod and a mini oxy/mapp gas rig. this should cure the overheating problem with the jb-weld. i tried to fire the ram jet up using propane and then mapp gas with my kirby vac set up to blow (i know dont laugh). i failed to get a good burn though. i think my fuel supply volume was not enough and air supply to slow. so i think i will have to increase both for a good quality burn.

Posted at 4:53PM on Nov 27th 2005 by brad gold 0 stars

5. Hi my dear friends up are you?
I am too much interested in ramjet engines.I would like to make my own ramjet engine but I have nobody to help me.First it looks easy but when you start the job,....
Is there any body to show me how to make it?
I will be waiting.

Posted at 2:54PM on Nov 20th 2005 by Arthur Mekerdoumian 0 stars

6. I street luge. I've gotten in the 70's. Think street luge mounted ramjets!!! Do you think it would work? What could go wrong? If I do make it I'll post pics. I'm going 2 make a lot of them before I mount one on a thing i'm riding. LOL

Posted at 7:55PM on Nov 1st 2005 by Mattb 0 stars

7. this ram jet will not work it needs air running through it at 400 mph to even start start runnig but you can try pulse jets which i a similar thing go to

Posted at 12:26AM on Sep 29th 2005 by the man 0 stars

8. man that is cool all the stuff you have here is awsome thanks am waiting for more stuff and info about stuff!!!

Posted at 10:49PM on Sep 25th 2005 by survival bill 0 stars

9. Hey, I've been working on building one of these with a teacher at my school. We made some modifications to the stand that Larry Cottrill proposed, as well as the fuel injection. As a matter of fact we used straight liquid gasoline as opposed to propane. The JB Weld actually held up pretty good for about a minute of focused burn, then it itself burnt. If anyone's interested, there are some pix posted here:

Posted at 10:30PM on May 6th 2005 by Besugo 0 stars

10. sounds cool,

would be fun to see one (or more) of these on a skateboard or somthing, of course you would need to use a leaf blower to start it up but, once it got going it would be cool

might give it a go myself

Posted at 2:17PM on Apr 27th 2005 by calgar 0 stars

11. The SR-71 does not have a ram jet engine.

Posted at 4:07PM on Feb 20th 2005 by Damron 0 stars

12. ive actually started building this one. if anyone is interested in helping me or helping me interpret the instructions my email is

Posted at 7:41PM on Mar 2nd 2005 by josh 0 stars

13. hey guys can anyone tell me , if you put like 4 of these kind of thingd on your back , can actualy fly a little bit pls answer me

Posted at 4:30PM on Jan 24th 2005 by google 0 stars

14. Ram jets are used as a secondary engine on things like the SR-71 blackbird but the engine already must be moving at great speed in order to get the needed amount of air into it. they are usualy used to boost the speed of something that uses a turbojet as its primary engine there is no way you can strap this thing to anything and make it go by itself. there are plenty of websites about making homemade turbojets the simplest ones usualy use a car turbocharger. that being said you could probably bolt a bunch of these to your car and fire them up on the freeway.

Posted at 1:53PM on Jan 25th 2005 by steve 0 stars

15. According to JB's website ( it is resistant up to 500 degrees F.

Posted at 6:00PM on Oct 21st 2004 by jeff 0 stars

16. Considering that some amateur ramjet engines make steel glow cherry red, I wouldnt trust that kind of bonding glue.

I would however still like to make one, but I would actually to some TIG welding on it. It seems a straight forward design, and you just need to use a leaf blower to get it going, just like you have to do with other ram jet engines.

Posted at 9:16PM on Jan 2nd 2005 by Kez 0 stars

17. Is anyone actually thinking about building one of these? I kind of am. I think that it's questionable whether the JB Weld and even the thin steel mug would hold up to the kind of heat you would see from the flame. I was thinking that you could use an electric blower to fire it up. A lot of other people that have made jet engines have put turbochargers on them. potentially this would allow you to supply the 60mph air input and would not require a separate compressor(after you have the engine started).

It looks really, cool I want to try it. Don't know if I actually will though. Anyone else have thoughts?

Posted at 2:48PM on Oct 21st 2004 by Brad 0 stars

18. I just got a long detailed e-mail back from Larry Cottrill, they goy that made the engine. He said he ended up getting into otherthings and that is why he has not updated the site. He also said he was surprised to see that people are interested in this engine.

One of his concerns is how well the glue will stand up to extended high temperatures. He did mention he now has a device that he can use to measure the thrust and he may fire the engine up with this device (fueling the engine with propane). hopefully we will get to see his results.

Posted at 12:35PM on Oct 19th 2004 by Joel Johnson 0 stars

19. Doing some reading on the creators site ( I came across a mention that it might take a constant air source of about 60 mph to fire up this engine. He mentioned a leaf blower. This might be possible on a RC plane but I don't think a boat would be even close to fast enough.

Posted at 3:03PM on Oct 13th 2004 by jeff 0 stars

20. is there anything that says how much this thing would weigh? cause ive been dying to make a rc boat and i think a jet engine would be really cool to use.

Posted at 10:30PM on Oct 12th 2004 by Chad Brown 0 stars

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