June 10, 2005

FeedDemon feedback

Jeff Partridge of LockerGnome responds to my Firefox rave:

I have to admit up-front that FeedDemon is about as good a feedreader as you can find (even if it's not free). However, I suggest that, unless you're an IE hater, you check out Avant Browser. It's a shell for IE that adds in tabbed browsing, popup protection, other security measures, AND a full built-in feed reader. It shows up as a twin to the IE Links toolbar. Head to www.avantbrowser.com for a look. Oh, and it's FREE.

I responded:

I think Firefox is the best browser out there and I like it a lot -- but I'm not an IE hater. As a matter of fact, FeedDemon IE embedded in it, when you view the feeds on the content window, it's IE you're looking at.

I'll check out Avant. Thanks!

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