Sunday, 07 November 2004

This post is for the brain-dead and hermits among us.

Just in case you missed it, Halo 2 is coming out this week on Tuesday Noveber 9th. Thousands of stores are opening at midnight+1 to sell the game, so find the stores closest to you, choose one, and go get in line.

Meanwhile, here are a few new and nifty items to tide you over until Tuesday at 12:01 am:

So - is anyone actually taking vacation from work to beat the game? Heh.

Here is what Microsoft says you'll need - go to the readiness guide page for more details...

The Essentials

  • A copy of the most anticipated game of 2004: Halo® 2. (Obviously!)
  • An active subscription to Xbox Live™.
  • An Xbox®-compatible router.
  • A Friends List full of potential opponents and teammates.
  • A linked Gamertag.
  • A TV and sound system to take in the whole experience. (HDTV and Surround Sound optional, but recommended.)
  • At least one day completely set aside for nothin’ but gaming bliss.
  • Supplies (food, refreshments, toilet paper, etc.).

Who's planning on getting in line and buying their copy at midnight? I'm game if someone else is going along, but I won't be skipping work, I'm not that hard-core, heh.

Sunday, 07 November 2004 22:50:49 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
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