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Fire Arts Exposition


Bay Area Makers, MAKE will be at this event, hopefully filming! - "Experience this quintessentially San Francisco art experience, an exciting and incendiary exhibition of innovative and inspiring fire art! Ranging in nature from meditative and quietly interactive to... Read More

Posted by Phillip Torrone | 02:35 PM in Events | Discuss (0)

DIY Solar Chimney & HVAC

DIY Projects

FrankG writes with his DIY HVAC for small greenhouse (part 2) assembled from scavanged parts - Link. Previous: Solar chimney project - Link.... Read More

Posted by Phillip Torrone | 01:58 PM in DIY Projects, Electronics | Discuss (0)

Defiant Cycle Scooter-Kit

DIY Projects

Steve writes "Using a defiant frame, and Harley-Davidson running gear, you can build your own mega-scooter. Just add sheetmetal." - Kit & build in progress.... Read More

Posted by Phillip Torrone | 12:41 PM in DIY Projects, Transportation | Discuss (0)

Build your own telescope

DIY Projects

The Exploratorium has a simple how to on making a telescope using reading glasses - "You're about to make a telescope. One lens of the reading glasses will serve as the objective lens of the telescope--the lens that gathers... Read More

Posted by Phillip Torrone | 11:50 AM in DIY Projects, Imaging, Science | Discuss (2) | TrackBack

Make Podcast: Syuzi Pakhchyan's Light Up Bracelets

MAKE Podcast

Syuzi Pakchyan's Bracelets are stylish and techy. They use conductive thread and conductive velcro so that putting them on is the switch for turning them on! Click here to get the video (MP4) delivered automatically with iTunes. This video... Read More

Posted by Bre Pettis | 11:27 AM in MAKE Podcast | Discuss (0)

HOW TO - Salvage 9V battery clips from dead batteries

DIY Projects

Westfw writes - "You can use the top of an old 9V battery as a 9V battery clip for assorted electronics projects. Here's how to make a nice wire-lead version..." - Link.... Read More

Posted by Phillip Torrone | 10:11 AM in DIY Projects, Electronics, Instructables | Discuss (1) | TrackBack

MAKE Controller Kit


Last year, MAKE magazine approached "MakingThings" to create the MAKE Controller Kit, a next-generation family of modular, programmable controller boards. We were delighted, and we're even more delighted to announce that the kit is now available! The kit appears... Read More

Posted by Phillip Torrone | 09:51 AM in Announcements | Discuss (6) | TrackBack

Instructables project syndication


Wow, if you put your project in Instructables you can now also put the content on your site - "You can now display your entire instructables project on your own web site! We've added the capability for you to... Read More

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LEGO Connect Four Robot


Team Hassenplug made a connect four LEGO bot, it's takes a very steady hand...! - "This is a robot that was designed and built to play Connect-Four in a contest against other robots, which it was lucky enough to... Read More

Posted by Phillip Torrone | 07:20 AM in Gaming, LEGO | Discuss (0) | TrackBack

Breath of Fire - alcohol breathalyzer and a flame thrower

DIY Projects

A MAKE reader sent this in, lots of alcohol breathalyzer projects seem to be in the works lately, here's how to make an alcohol breathalyzer and a flame thrower - "The Breath of Fire is the marriage of an... Read More

Posted by Phillip Torrone | 06:48 AM in DIY Projects, Electronics, Made On Earth | Discuss (0) | TrackBack

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