Buy My Nephew’s 16 Pound Ball of Chewed Bubble Gum on eBay

eBay - BIG Gumball 16lb wrigley bubble yum bazooka

My nephew Marcus is weird, in a cool, geeky sort of way. Years ago, he started creating this giant ball of chewed bubble gum:

His mom let him keep it in the fridge, and now, he’s selling it on eBay:

This is a CHEWED gumball. I started it 6 years ago for a Guinness
record attempt, but it didn’t take.  It weighs 16 pounds and is the
size of a bowling ball.  It has been stored in my refrigerator for
these past years and there is no mold or anything growing on it. It is
solid gum, all chewed and formed into a ball. I have not allowed others
to add to it.  The gum is all genuine chewed by me.  I have become a
legend here in Boise, people come from miles around just to open my
refrigerator and see this large pink beast. I would like to thank my
mother as well for allowing to take up space in her refrigerator for
these past 6 years.  No wonder she is an angel.  I doubt your mother
would have allowed it.

For you gum manufacturers, this could be quite the centerpiece on
your boardroom meeting table or displaying in your reception lobby.

All things being said, I am a poor kid trying to earn money to go to
a car show with my dad.  Your bid will at least support a great
father/son activity.

Shipping…will be interesting

This is a great marketing opportunity for someone. You’re not just buying the gumball itself as an object - you’re buying the great story that went into its creation. :-) And how much is a great story worth to you?

The money goes towards a worthy cause, too. Marcus is an extremely talented artist, and fascinated by hot rods. He’s done several professional illustrations/caricatures of hot rods, and his most recent project is Rusty - and old mongrel of a Ford pickup that he’s going to turn into a hot rod:

Support a young car hacker and his dreams! There’s still plenty of time to get in on that eBay auction! :-)

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3 Responses to “Buy My Nephew’s 16 Pound Ball of Chewed Bubble Gum on eBay”

  1. Nathan Says:

    That is disgustingly awesome. Whoa!

  2. Dave Beauvais Says:

    That’s just wrong. :-)

  3. Michael Says:

    I too have collected chewing gum since I was in grade 6. Not a ball, but more of a tower (starting on a small plate and now on a dinner plate). Never weighed it, but it’s about two-feet tall and 8″ in diameter. PS - You don’t need to keep it in the fridge. I keep mine on a table in my den — much to my wife’s dismay — Mold doesn’t grow on it but there’s probably lots of germs. :-)

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