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Feature Story BBB Advises Seniors: Intruders Don't Always Arrive On Foot!
Family members urged to help 'scam proof' the homes of elderly relatives
Arlington, VA., October 11, 2006 - With the weather turning cooler, many seniors will spend more time at home, which is not always a safe haven. Better Business Bureaus (BBB) today issued an international alert urging the families of senior citizens to safeguard their homes against scam artists. Scam artists aren't looking for items to steal. They seek to obtain personal information (Social Security, bank account and credit card number) and/or money. And, unlike traditional burglars, scam artists are happy to find someone at home, particularly if that person is a senior citizen. (more)

You Need to Hold an Estate Sale... Where to Begin?
Typically, the decision to hold an estate sale is made in the wake of an illness or death, a trying time. To further complicate matters, the household may be located in another town or state, far from the family member trying to coordinate things. Since most folks do not use estate sales services with any regularity, they are uncertain how to proceed. Whether you are downsizing to a smaller residence, or dealing with an inherited estate, the right estate sale team can help ease the process of sorting through personal possessions, arrange a successful sales event and maximize the dollar value you receive. (more)

09/29: 'Vishing' is the New 'Phishing'
09/18: BBB Honors Four Businesses with Prestigious International Award for Marketplace Ethics
09/14: Don't Wait for the Post-Holiday Remorse; Develop a Financial Roadmap Today
09/13: ANSI & BBB Spearhead Coalition of Leading Corporations on ID Theft Prevention Standards
09/05: BBB and DHS Partner for National Preparedness Month
09/01: Nine Outstanding Businesses Named Finalists in BBB International Ethics Award
08/08: U.S. Navy Joins BBB MILITARY LINE Program
08/07: BBB System and ClearPoint Financial Solutions, Inc. Expand Their Credit Education Partnership

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