Friday, 16 April 2004

[Major edit: Wow.  While I was in my hyper-geekified stupor late last night I somehow originally scheduled the next PND on the same night as the next Portland eXtreme Programming user group meeting.  What a dunce I am...  and I've exposed myself to the world, and I can hear the nerd dinner police coming to haul me away.  (Many thanks to Wayne Allen for showing me the err of my ways.  Wayne will be the speaker at the May 11 XPDX meeting.  So see you there, people.)]

I feel as though I should have entitled this, "Thank you Sir, may I have another?"

Wednesday night's Portland Nerd Dinner was absolutely rocking fantastic (aside from the crappy food that left me feeling, well, crappy (wait - is that too much information because I *am* speaking literally)).  But that's all part of the fun of a PND.  ;)

Let's do it again!

I only gave a couple of day's warning for this last one -- sorry about that to everyone who wanted to attend but didn't get the word about it in time.

SO, since I've recovered from my intestinal fun and now the evening is just a pleasant memory of simulating conversation, here we go:

What: Portland Nerd Dinner
When: Tuesday, May 18, starting at 6:30 or so
Where: Washington Square Mall food court
Why: Because life is too short to eat crappy food alone

Be there and be square.

Spread the word.

The anticipation is going to kill me!

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