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User Account Control

Windows Vista makes it possible for organizations to deploy a more manageable and secure desktop in which administrators can run as standard users (formerly users) and still perform administrative tasks. Note: In early versions of Vista this technology was known as "User Account Protection."

For IT Professionals

User Account Control Overview

With User Account Control in the new Windows Vista operating system, you can reduce the risk of exposure by limiting administrator-level access to authorized processes.

Getting Started with User Account Control on Windows Vista

Discover how to get started with User Account Control.

Understanding and Configuring User Account Control in Windows Vista

Find out how UAC works, including deployment scenarios and ensuring that legacy applications will be compatible.

Windows Vista User Account Control Step by Step Guide

This Step by Step Guide provides the instructions necessary to use User Account Control (UAC) in a test lab environment.

Virtual Lab: User Account Control

Get hands-on experience with Windows Vista User Account Control, without having to install it on one of our PCs.

Global Energy Company Case Study

This case study discusses how a large energy company will take advantage of User Account Control in Windows Vista to deploy standard user desktops.

For Developers

Windows Vista Application Development Requirements for User Account Control Compatibility

Understanding User Account Control in Windows Vista.

Download Microsoft Standard User Analyzer

This application compatibility tool helps developers and IT professionals diagnose issues that would prevent a program from running properly as a standard user.

Download Video: ISV Chalk Talk from PDC 2005

A technical discussion at PDC 2005 on what’s new in Windows Vista User Account Control.


User Account Control Team Blog

Get the latest news and share comments with the product team.

TechNet On-Demand Webcast: Moving to a Standard User Enterprise Desktop

What problems are you likely to encounter as you transition from an administrative desktop to a standard user desktop in your enterprise? Understand the issues and resolutions in the Webcast.


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