Okay, first off, let me clear the air that I am a Mac user first, although I've been using my HP laptop with more frequency---partially because of issues relating to my available hard disk space being virtually zero.

OneNote 2003 is Microsoft's $99 USD uber-notetaking software that I'm using for a variety of projects, and I'm also doing so in a way that will train me for my inevitable purchase of a Mac or Windows Tablet PC (there's no Mac tablet, although wishful thinking. And I'll need practice. Scoble would be so proud.).

I'm using a small Wacom tablet that travels well with my 14" HP, and can provide the training of using a pen, while still affording me the ability to use the keyboard and trackpad. (I most likely will want a dual-purpose tablet, with either a rotating screen or weird flip thing like the latest HP tc1100---too bad Toshiba kicks HP and Motion Computing's ass when it comes to powerful machines at a waaay better price.)

And as a result of all this OneNote mayhem, I'm now paying attention to people like Chris_Pratley, as well as the Tablet PC sites.

This is all very weird for me. Updates as time passes.