FeedDemon™ 1.6 Release Notes

Changes in FeedDemon 1.6 RC1

  • Added: Easter egg (happy hunting!)
  • Added: FeedDemon now remembers the login for secure feeds between sessions, so you're no longer prompted every time you update a secure feed. Note that you can edit stored logins by clicking the "Passwords" button in FeedDemon's options.
  • Added: Numerous UI tweaks and performance improvements
  • Added: At startup, FeedDemon now checks for feeds in synched folders that were removed from NewsGator Online, and asks whether to delete or disable them in FeedDemon. This feature may be disabled by clicking the "Synchronization" button in FeedDemon's options and unchecking "Check for subscription changes in synchronized folders at startup."
  • Added: Quick toolbar customization by clicking the arrow at the far right of each toolbar (this replaces the "undocumented" toolbar customization from earlier versions)
  • Added: "Reports" added to Tools menu, which provides the following feed-related reports:
    1. "Most Visited" feeds
    2. "Least Visited" feeds
    3. "Dinosaurs" - the feeds that haven't had new posts in the longest time (hat tip to Brent Simmons for the name)
    Reports show the top 10 feeds by default, but this can be changed on the Newspaper page in FeedDemon's options. Note that most/least visited information wasn't collected prior to this release, so you'll start with low counts.
  • Added: "Automatic unsubscribe" added to Advanced page in feed properties - enables automatically unsubscribing from feeds that haven't updated within a certain number of days (useful for comment feeds and other short-term subscriptions)
  • Added: "Tag Subscriptions" (this was previously available within the "Search Feed" feature)
  • Added: New "Prince" newspaper style - originally designed for offline speed reading, but also works well online (I use this as my default style now)
  • Added: New "Photo Strip" newspaper style - great for Flickr feeds (such as this one)
  • Added: Watches now support negative keywords, enabling the exclusion of items that contain a specific word
  • Added: "Exclude from watches" added to feed properties
  • Added: "Rerun watch" added to watch context menu
  • Added: Separate color for unread items
  • Added: Toolbutton icons for the following actions:
    1. Next News Item
    2. Next Unread News Item
    3. Previous News Item
    4. Previous Unread News Item
    5. Next Feed
    6. Next Unread Feed
    7. Previous Feed
    8. Previous Unread Feed
    9. Previous Unread Folder
  • Added: "Remember tabs between sessions" added to browsing options (note: applies only to external URLs - newspapers won't be retained)
  • Added: Options menu
  • Added: "Post to del.icio.us" added to news item context menu
  • Added: Auto-discovery of clicked hyperlinks is skipped when the Ctrl key is pressed
  • Added: Secure icon shown in bottom left of status bar when browsing HTTPS
  • Added: "Don't export secure feeds" option added to export dialog
  • Added: The "Statistics" page in the feed properties dialog now enables showing FeedBurner statistics for FeedBurner feeds (note that the feed's author must have enabled FeedBurner's "Awareness API access" feature for this to work)
  • Added: "Show Link in External Browser" added to news item context menu (31772)
  • Added: Desktop alert options now available from system tray icon's context menu (31657)
  • Added: "Internet Options" added to options menu
  • Changed: All previous/next actions (previous feed, next feed, etc.) now skip to the next/previous folder (31776)
  • Changed: "Search Feeds" are now called "Keyword Subscriptions"
  • Changed: The dialog that appears when you try to subscribe to a feed you're already subscribed to now shows the name of the existing folder (32961)
  • Changed: When updating all folders, the active folder is now updated first (27542)
  • Changed: Options | Confirmations now has separate checkboxes for "Unsubscribe from feed" and "Delete watch or news bin"
  • Changed: FDLANG files downloaded within FeedDemon are no longer automatically applied
  • Changed: NewsGator icon no longer overlaid on feeds in synched folders
  • Fixed: Tray icon doesn't reflect when unread count changes (27850)
  • Fixed: Small (28 byte) memory leak with each browser tab
  • Fixed: Long browser tab captions not always truncated
  • Fixed: Plus/minus icons missing from news item list when using "Office 11" UI style (34953)
  • Fixed: Auto-purge removes the number of items set instead of retaining (34719)
  • Fixed: Cache folder isn't recreated if renamed or deleted outside of FeedDemon (35822)
  • Fixed: Sort order isn't retained in the news item grid (33171)
  • Fixed: When activation fails due to proxy failure, the error dialog doesn't include the ability change FeedDemon's proxy settings (32666)
  • Fixed: Corrupt news bin or watch prevents FeedDemon from starting normally (35937)
  • Fixed: Feed images in "Surfer" style overlap text (32700)
  • Fixed: Unclosed centered elements in news items affect subsequent items in most newspaper styles (32700)
  • Fixed: User profiles with apostrophe in the name cause FD to fail to render newspapers (36213)
  • Fixed: Feed containing unescaped adjacent > and < characters cause 100% CPU usage
  • Fixed: When a filter results in one item in the news item list, selecting it doesn't display it in the newspaper (35674)
  • Fixed: Keyboard accelerator underlines missing from many menu items (27000)
  • Fixed: NewsGator smart feeds can't be added to private folders (25568)
  • Fixed: Unsupported embedded Mozilla displays "fdaction is not a registered protocol" message when clicking newspaper action links
  • Fixed: Browser address history doesn't include "[Clear this list]" (36395)
  • Fixed: External FDSRCH files fail to download

Changes in FeedDemon 1.6 Beta 4

  • Changed: Long titles in browser tabs are now truncated
  • Changed: Feeds are no longer disabled at startup if FeedDemon detects that they were removed from NewsGator Online. Note, however, that a feed will still be disabled if the server returns HTTP status 410 ("gone") when FeedDemon attempts to update the feed (for synched folders, this should only happen if the feed has been removed from the folder in NewsGator Online)
  • Fixed: Before updating a single feed, FeedDemon doesn't synchronize changes in that feed with NewsGator Online
  • Fixed: "Synchronize" dialog appears over other applications (31931)
  • Fixed: Flagged posts are removed when auto-purging feeds (32002)
  • Fixed: FeedDemon should sync deleted feeds with NGOS before adding a new subscription (32040)
  • Fixed: Feeds imported into an existing synchronized folder aren't synchronized
  • Fixed: News Item list should collapse entries when no description is available (32288)
  • Fixed: Pressing keyboard shortcut for "Next Unread Folder" while the folder selection is dropped down jumps forward a folder then back (32197)
  • Fixed: Welcome wizard shows empty subscriptions list when default selection is "I'm new at this, so recommend some feeds"
  • Fixed: Incorrect caption on FeedStation's welcome dialog

Changes in FeedDemon 1.6 Beta 3a

  • Added: Welcome wizard now enables importing initial subscriptions from an OPML file (27622)
  • Added: "Forgot your password?" link added to welcome wizard (28705)
  • Added: Import dialog now enables adding from recommended feeds
  • Changed: Watch keyword entry field now receives focus after clicking "Add" (31615)
  • Fixed: WinInet's caching of authentication information makes it impossible to change your login without restarting
  • Fixed: FeedDemon doesn't always synchronize with NewsGator Online before updating all feeds
  • Fixed: New locations aren't automatically created
  • Fixed: Error trying to print browser immediately after FeedDemon starts
  • Fixed: "Hide Read News Items" function in toolbar marks the first unread item as read
  • Fixed: News item and browser panes don't retain their size (31787)
  • Fixed: Welcome dialog text wraps on large fonts displays
  • Fixed: Tray icon menu shows two cancel items
  • Fixed: Closing the Manage Subscriptions dialog causes newspaper to reload (31893)
  • Fixed: Links in Baltimore Sun feeds cause FeedDemon's subscribe dialog to appear (31790)

Changes in FeedDemon 1.6 Beta 3

  • Added: Renaming a synchronized feed now also renames the feed in NewsGator Online
  • Added: Synchronization button added to options, which enables changing your NewsGator Online login and includes these new options:
    1. Retrieve only unread items in synchronized folders
    2. Check for subscription changes in synchronized folders at startup
    3. Show SOAP error messages (for debugging only)
  • Added: "Show newspaper when folder changes" added to Newspaper page in options
  • Added: "Automatically download enclosures" added to folder properties
  • Added: "Bypass proxy server for local addresses" checkbox added to connection settings
  • Added: FeedDemon now checks your feed cache for errors when it detects that it wasn't shutdown correctly (30509)
  • Added: Items in most newspapers now include the titles of their source feed
  • Added: "Copy to news bin" added to Expando newspaper style
  • Added: "Next Unread Folder" added to View menu
  • Added: "Print" added to Browse menu
  • Added: "Mark all watches or news bins as read" added to Options | Confirmations
  • Added: "Update folder" item added to tray icon's context menu
  • Added: The dialog displayed after clicking "NewsGator Login" in FeedDemon's options now includes a list of existing locations
  • Added: "Enable this feed" added to feed properties, which may be used to turn off updating of a feed or re-enable a feed that was disabled during a previous update
  • Added: Welcome dialog enables choosing an existing location
  • Added: FeedStation now supports authenticated downloads
  • Added: When importing feeds from NewsGator Online, feeds that are in the root "My Feeds" folder are imported into a separate "[My Feeds]" folder
  • Changed: Welcome wizard redesigned to enable importing feeds from NewsGator Online (note that this option won't appear if you already have subscriptions in FeedDemon 1.6)
  • Changed: The tutorial has been separated from the welcome wizard
  • Changed: Synchronization now occurs at timed intervals rather than when switching between synchronized folders, which significantly improves performance when changing folders
  • Changed: In previous versions, enlarging the main window would widen the news item list and leave the browser size the same. This has been reversed so that the browser now resizes.
  • Changed: Keyboard shortcut for "Close Browser Tab" changed from Ctrl+F4 to Ctrl+W
  • Changed: HTML is now stripped from item titles in the newspaper
  • Changed: When importing from NewsGator Online, feeds are always added to the folders defined in your NGO subscriptions
  • Changed: After converting a synchronized folder to a private one, you're now prompted whether to remove the folder from NewsGator Online
  • Fixed: Slow performance when descriptions are shown in the news item list
  • Fixed: Feed, news bin and watch titles don't accept Unicode characters
  • Fixed: FeedDemon isn't correctly handling Unicode feed titles when importing subscriptions from NewsGator Online (28858)
  • Fixed: When converting a folder to synchronize, errors adding individual feeds cause the entire operation to fail
  • Fixed: News item filter doesn't have "[Clear stored items]" (28712)
  • Fixed: Clicking news bin icon in newspaper fails if feed not already loaded
  • Fixed: Newspapers that contain more items than the "Max news items per feed" setting cut off newer items instead of older ones (29072)
  • Fixed: Items added to watches and news bins don't retain their <source>
  • Fixed: "This feed's news items have been hidden" message is overlapped by toolbar when toolbar wraps to multiple lines
  • Fixed: "Manage Subscriptions" doesn't allow sorting by anything except title (28145)
  • Fixed: Importing feeds into another folder switches to that folder
  • Fixed: System tray icon disappears after returning from hibernation (28176)
  • Fixed: Install doesn't create associations (27829)(26289)
  • Fixed: Ampersands in folder names appear as underscores in feed bar (28498)
  • Fixed: Can't create a synched folder with an ampersand in its title (28500)(29001)
  • Fixed: Relative links in images are completed before displaying a newspaper (28677)
  • Fixed: Welcome dialog doesn't enable configuring proxy settings (28288)
  • Fixed: Popup windows that resize themselves through scripting sometimes leave a blank browser tab
  • Fixed: Subscribe dialog doesn't translate URLs with "feed:" protocol (28904)
  • Fixed: Moving a feed between synched folders doesn't copy it to the destination folder in NewsGator Online (28070)
  • Fixed: Can't add a feed with the same name as an existing feed even after deleting the original feed (28924)
  • Fixed: No context menu appears when right-clicking watches or news bins headings in feed bar (29011)
  • Fixed: System Tray icon indicates unread posts when all posts in all feeds are marked as read (27850)
  • Fixed: Adding a feed to an NG sync folder while in offline mode throws SOAP error (28774)
  • Fixed: Ctrl+N and F5 shortcuts intercepted by browser when it has the focus
  • Fixed: Browser not correctly resized after maximizing browser then closing active tab (29461)
  • Fixed: Context menu shows "Mark as read" after right-clicking an item that has automatically been marked as read (29468)
  • Fixed: Incorrect links shown for Atom feeds whose entries use a relative xml:base
  • Fixed: Failure to connect to SSL-enabled feeds (28950)
  • Fixed: Delay between the time the animation shown when downloading a feed stops and new items appear in that feed
  • Fixed: Feeds that are deleted in NGO aren't automatically deleted in FeedDemon (29068)
  • Fixed: Feed bar doesn't repaint (29458)
  • Fixed: Double-decoding of short descriptions in Surfer style (29662)
  • Fixed: Feeds whose update frequency is less than 30 minutes are only updated every 30 minutes
  • Fixed: Feeds are moved to NewsGator's root folder after converting a folder to private
  • Fixed: Content-disposition header not supported by FeedStation unless filename is quoted

Changes in FeedDemon 1.6 Beta 2

  • Added: At startup, FeedDemon now checks NewsGator Online for feeds added to your synched folders
  • Added: Feed statistics added to "Manage Subscriptions," feed properties and folder properties
  • Added: Initial support for Atom 1.0
  • Added: "NewsGator Login" button added to options (enables changing your NewsGator username/password/location)
  • Added: "Sort Order" added to Surfer newspaper style (26147)
  • Added: Double-clicking a feed or folder in "Manage Subscriptions" shows the properties dialog
  • Added: "Support Forums" and "NewsGator Online" added to help menu
  • Changed: "Merge Subscriptions" has been dropped. To import your NewsGator Online subscriptions, select File | Import Feeds
  • Changed: Previous versions of FeedDemon enabled having multiple feeds with the same title in different folders (groups), but this is no longer permitted. My apologies if you're affected by this change - I know some FeedDemon customers liked this feature - but I'm afraid the change was necessary. I believe most (but not all) FeedDemon users who had the same feed in multiple groups did so due to previous versions being limited to updating only feeds in the active group, so hopefully this change won't have a huge impact now that all feeds in all folders are updated. Note that to support this change, FeedDemon will rename duplicate feeds the first time that beta 2 is run.
  • Changed: "Group By" changed from textbox to dropdown list
  • Changed: "Import Feeds" has been simplified so that synchronization is automatically decided based upon where you're importing from. Feeds imported from NewsGator Online will sync with NewsGator Online, and feeds imported from Bloglines will sync with Bloglines. Feeds imported from an OPML will only sync with NewsGator Online if they're added to a synched folder.
  • Changed: "Import Feeds" now always hides feeds that you're already subscribed to
  • Fixed: Synchronization uses basic rather than digest authentication (27390)
  • Fixed: Activation problems resulting from mixed case user names
  • Fixed: Activation problems resulting from serial numbers missing from our database (generally those who ordered via PayPal, or received a free copy from me)
  • Fixed: Passing empty serial number to subscription signup page disables serial number textbox
  • Fixed: "Out of memory" error when importing feeds from previous version (25581)
  • Fixed: News bins can't be renamed (26146)
  • Fixed: Clicking a feed that appears in multiple folders may cause FeedDemon to switch folders (26516)(26517)
  • Fixed: News bin menu in Surfer newspaper fails to add description
  • Fixed: Long titles overlap in Surfer style (25567)
  • Fixed: Untranslated text appears on watch dialog when called multiple times in rapid succession
  • Fixed: FeedDemon doesn't display content:encoded descriptions (26593)
  • Fixed: Author name not copied to news bin (26600)
  • Fixed: Ampersands in cache folder result in missing style images (26607)
  • Fixed: Duplication of items that have whitespace around their titles
  • Fixed: FeedDemon fails to import watches with & in keywords (26716)
  • Fixed: Items marked as read in NewsGator Online don't appear read in FeedDemon
  • Fixed: Firefox stays loaded after being called from FeedDemon, even when closed by the user (26672)
  • Fixed: Feed image not retained
  • Fixed: Item category not retained
  • Fixed: Tabbed browser shows underscores for ampersands in tab caption
  • Fixed: Folder newspaper doesn't sort feeds by their titles
  • Fixed: "Import Feeds" gives no indication of success
  • Fixed: Crash when returning from hibernation (26827)
  • Fixed: Importing matches on feed title rather then URL (26841)
  • Fixed: FeedDemon occasionally "forgets" NG credentials and prompts for them again (26863)
  • Fixed: Filter search box disappears if news item list is too narrow (26842)
  • Fixed: Import dialog overlaps completion message after importing previous subscriptions (26998)
  • Fixed: Windows can't shutdown when "minimize to system tray instead of closing" is enabled (27117)
  • Fixed: Feed bar doesn't redraw after returning from XP login or screensaver (27132)

Changes in FeedStation 1.6 Beta 2

  • Added: Support for filename parameter of Content-Disposition header
  • Added: "ReSync to media device" added to context menu, which ables re-copying a download to your iPod or other media device
  • Added: Delete key may be used to removed items from the queue (27639)
  • Fixed: FeedStation use the wrong download filename for podcasts hosted by libsyn (26788)

Changes in FeedDemon 1.6 Beta 1

  • Added: Significantly improved synchronization with NewsGator Online (surprise!), including synching of read/unread/deleted items. To configure synching on a per-folder basis, select Edit | Folder Properties. You can also merge your FeedDemon and NewsGator Online subscriptions by choosing File | Merge Subscriptions.
  • Added: "Updating" page added to FeedDemon's options, which enables choosing whether feeds in all folders or just the active folder should be updated in the background
  • Added: Folders with unread items are shown in bold in the folder dropdown
  • Added: "Import Feeds" which enables importing OPML from NewsGator, Bloglines or a URL, and includes the ability to create separate folders in FeedDemon from folders in the imported OPML
  • Added: "Export Feeds" which combines previous OPML/RSS exporting into a single dialog
  • Added: "Surfer" newspaper style
  • Added: "Folder Properties" dialog which enables changing settings for all feeds in a specific folder
  • Added: Redesigned "Expando" newspaper style
  • Added: "Newspaper" added to Watches and News Bins
  • Added: "Copy to News Bin" added to favorites menu above the browser, which adds the URL being browsed to the selected news bin
  • Added: "Browse Related Articles" added to news item list context menu
  • Added: "Last 48 hours" added to newspaper filters
  • Added: "Reset feed URL on permanent redirect" checkbox added to connection settings
  • Added: "Minimize to system tray" added to FeedDemon's options
  • Added: "Mark all watches as read" and "Mark all news bins as read" added under Edit > Mark As Read
  • Added: Sound options now includes "Item added to news bin" (default is off)
  • Added: Support for Atom 0.8, including Atom 0.8 enclosures
  • Added: Auto-discovery menu now includes title (if it exists)
  • Added: Watches now have an "auto-purge" setting (the default is 300 items)
  • Added: Individual watches may be disabled
  • Added: "User interface style" added to Options | Appearance
  • Added: Drag-and-drop arrangement of browser tabs
  • Changed: "Channels" have been renamed "Feeds" and "Channel Groups" have been renamed "Folders" for consistency with other RSS readers
  • Changed: "New Channel" wizard has been replaced with simpler "Subscribe" wizard
  • Changed: The "Synchronized Channel Group" feature has been dropped due to the changes in NewsGator synchronization. Note that subscribing through Bloglines is still possible through the "Import Feeds" feature.
  • Changed: The context menu for the feed bar now shows "Mark folder as read," "Mark all watches as read" or "Mark all news bins as read" depending on context
  • Changed: Auto-discovery icon in status bar replaced with an RSS button (hat tip to Brent Simmons)
  • Changed: Changed placement of newspaper filter, style and search toolbar items
  • Changed: Unsafe (blocked) enclosures may now be downloaded by holding Ctrl while clicking the paper clip icon in the news item list
  • Changed: Auto-discovery no longer displays feeds that you're subscribed to in inactive folders
  • Changed: Previous versions displayed a large red "X" for feeds that could not be retrieved (ie: HTTP 404, etc.). This has been changed so that a small red "x" is overlaid on the normal icon.
  • Changed: When testing newspaper styles with 'NewspaperDebug' enabled, the debug XML output is now formatted for easier reading (note: this may incur a performance hit with newspapers containing a large number of items). Note that the registry key for this setting has been changed to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bradbury\FeedDemon\1.0\EnableNewspaperDebug
  • Changed: "Default" newspaper style renamed to "Classic"
  • Fixed: When working offline, clicking a news item that has no description still navigates to the news item's link
  • Fixed: Exception when switching folders while current folder still updating
  • Fixed: Double-decoding of specific CDATA descriptions
  • Fixed: Checkboxes on feed properties dialog cut off before last pixel on some versions of Windows
  • Fixed: When called multiple times from an external application, FeedDemon's "Add Channel" wizard may not display correctly
  • Fixed: The following sequence causes the news item list to be hidden: F11, Shift+F11, View > Browser Position > Browser on Right
  • Fixed: Enclosure URL attributes preceded by line feeds incorrectly parsed (seen with a Virgin Radio podcast feed)
  • Fixed: Hitting F8 in rapid succession causes "Options" dialog to appear twice, the second time with untranslated text
  • Fixed: Feeds that have no declared encoding but have a UTF16 BOM won't display
  • Fixed: Mis-handling of single-quoted attributes when importing OPML
  • Fixed: Deleted folders sometimes re-appear
  • Fixed: OPML import skips feeds with encoded angle brackets
  • Fixed: Favorites menu doesn't reflect changes to the selected language
  • Fixed: Items deleted from a watch or news bin may re-appear if Windows crashes before FeedDemon is closed
  • Fixed: Dragging an item over the news bin group in the feed bar doesn't expand it
  • Fixed: FeedDemon fails to resize the browser when it detects a switch between portrait and landscape mode on a Tablet PC

Changes in FeedStation 1.6 Beta 1

  • Added: FeedStation now retains a history of previously downloaded files (note: the number of items retained may be customized on the General page in Options)
  • Added: FeedStation now displays the date each item was added to the queue (note: items added in the previous release will be set to the current date)
  • Added: The FeedStation queue can now be sorted by clicking a column header
  • Added: A red "X" is displayed next to downloaded files that no longer exist
  • Added: FeedStation now shown in HTTP user agent
  • Changed: The default location of the download folder has been changed to My Documents\My FeedStation Podcasts
  • Changed: The name of the default playlist has been changed to "FeedStation Podcasts"
  • Changed: FeedStation now adds downloads to the top of the list rather than the bottom
  • Changed: FeedStation no longer closes iTunes after importing downloaded podcasts
  • Fixed: FeedStation's scheduled download time doesn't handle 24-hour locales correctly
  • Fixed: FeedStation fails to rename downloaded enclosure when a redirect is encountered
  • Fixed: FeedStation sometimes starts queued downloads before the scheduled time
  • Fixed: FeedStation fails to sync download with mapped media device
  • Fixed: FeedStation beeps whenever a download completes
  • Fixed: FeedStation unnecessarily creates download folder

Known Issues

  • Customizations made to keyboard shortcuts and toolbars aren't imported in 1.6

Minimum System Requirements

  • 300MHz PC running Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or 2003
  • Internet Explorer 6
  • 64MB RAM or OS minimum (whichever is greater)



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