Windows Live Custom Domains

Do you own an Internet domain name? Windows Live Custom Domains provides free hosted e-mail for your domain.
  • E-mail accounts for everyone. Create an unlimited number of accounts in your domain.
  • New e-mail features. Everyone at your domain will get an MSN Hotmail account. These accounts can upgrade for free to the new Windows Live Mail beta, which offers 2GB of storage and enhanced security features.
  • Use it for Windows Live Messenger and more. E-mail addresses at your domain can also be used for instant messaging and other services on the MSN and Windows Live network.
  • No hassle or fuss. Your e-mail is hosted by Microsoft, so there is no need to buy or manage e-mail servers.
  • Flexibility. The optional software development kit lets you choose how Windows Live Custom Domains works with your web site or application.
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Where do I check my e-mail? Sign in at with your new e-mail address, e.g.

Don’t forget to tell everyone with an e-mail account in your domain.

Want to try the new version of our e-mail service? You can send up to 40 e-mail invites to try out our new Windows Live Mail beta.

News flash! Our new Open Membership feature allows any Internet user to create e-mail accounts in your domain directly from your web site.