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Match made in Hell

Sign up for your chance to play ‘Gears of War’ at the exclusive ‘Match Made in Hell’ events.

Details here

Sony 'Gamer Day'

Yesterday Sony held a ‘Gamers Day’ in San Francisco (my invite must have gotten lost in the mail) and rolled out a few more details about the PS3 and their on-line approach. You can read details at News.com, Kotaku, Joystiq.and Engadget. I am sure many of you have spend the past 12 hours reviewing the news and forum threads, so I wanted to toss this out to you: what do you, dear gamer, think of what was outlined?  

Also: Did anyone else find it odd that a something called ‘Gamers Day’ did not have any regular gamers (like you) in attendance? From what I could tell this was a standard press conference (and yes, I know that game press are, for the most part, gamers) that they decided to call ‘Gamers Day’ to give it a community spin.


What's up with Lumines Live?

More specifically, what is the deal with the 'Advance Pack'? Excellent question and since I am on the road I have not had a chance to chase down answers, John over at the Gamerscoreblog has posted details that should clear things up for some of you.

Posted at Toronto Airport, gate K

Hey look...we're 4-million strong

Fresh new data out on Xbox Live puts us at 4-million members and an astounding 70% connect rate with the Xbox 360. Before you start hammering me with questions....read the fact and stats here, as well as a nice little Top 10 list.

BTW: Want to see what I looked like as I was dealing w/ the maintenance issues yesterday? Gamerscore blog's Dirty Diva snapped this photo of me 'borrowing' broadband at the X'06 Canada venue and trying to catch up on the issues.
Posted at Toronto Airport, gate K

Wrapping things up

I am headed out of Toronto in a few hours, but let's wrap a few things up from past few days:

  • The first 'X0' event in Canada was huge success. If you live in Canada, and you missed the opportunity to attend the private Community party, make sure you keep an eye on Xbox.com Canada next year around this time. Great meeting everyone last night!
  • Sinnix, who does a great web comic for Xbox.com Canada, has posted photos of the event as well.
  • Epic's Mark Rein did a Q&A session with the community that I recorded for this weeks show...some good Q's and A's' about 'Gears'
  • Xbox Live and Xbox.com (including 'My Xbox') is back online after the maintenance. I'll see if I can get 'e' from the Ops team on the show to talk about what goes on during the mysterious maintenance.
  • I took a little longer then anticipated, and was a bumpier ride..but we appear to be in the clear now. Let me know if you guys have any further issues.
  • Did you find the couple of new features on Xbox.com yet? I was going to mention them, but I figured I'd let you guys hunt it all down. Too lazy to click around? I'll go over the list on my show this weekend.
  • The 'Advanced Pack' for Lumines Live is now available for download from Arcade.
  • I can't wait to get back and play Splinter Cell Double Agent this weekend.

Posted from the luxurious Holiday Inn in downtown Toronto

X'06 Canada

I am here in Toronto for their X'06 event. I posted some photos of today's activity on Flickr, and I'll post more of tonight's community party. Meanwhile, back in Redmond the engineers are tying up some loose ends regarding the yesterday's maintenance. 'My Xbox' is one of the last areas to come online, so thanks for your patience as the team finishes up and gets things in order.


Yes..we're back. Mostly.

While Xbox Live and Xbox.com are online, you may experience some remaining issues while the teams continue to troubleshoot a few remaining problems. I'll post more when I can get someone on IM....but as you can imagine, they're a little busy. Think of it as we're running under impulse power while the guys in the engine room get things worked out. I'll see if I can get 'e' on the show this week to talk about it, but right now....that's the least of his concerns. All I'll say his if you are having a problem..we ARE aware of it and working on it.

Posted from the X'06 event in Toronto, Canada

Arcade: Lumines Live!

Xbox Live members can now download 'Lumines Live!' from the Xbox Live Arcade. The full version of this game is 1200 points. In addition, the optional 'Lumines Live! Advance pack is available for download for 600 points.
Edit: The Advance pack will be along at a later date. Sorry about the false alarm, as you can imagine things are moving quickly.

Maintenance complete

I have just been informed that the scheduled maintenance is now complete, and Xbox Live is now back in business.  They are still finishing up some work on Xbox.com and the forums, so it will be a bit longer until those are ready.

 Edit: We still are having issues...so i'll post an update.

Almost there

e sends word that that we are close bringing the service back online...they have a couple of issues that they need to clear up and we'll be ready to go. I'll post the moment I get the call to give you the green light.

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