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Blackberry Wallpaper Generator

Blackberry Wall Paper Image

Upload an image to make your own Blackberry wallpaper:

Pick Resolution
240 x 160 (72xx and 75xx Models)
240 x 260 (7100 Models)
240 x 240 (7700 Models)
320 x 240 (8700 Models)

* Blackberry Wallpaper Generator is still in BETA.

How It Works

1. Users upload their image to the our server. * some PNG images may cause a error (still trying to figure that one out), size is limited to 1,000kb or 1mb.

2. We will automatically resize the picture to fit on the Blackberry. * Currently pictures only resize proportionally, no skewing will take place.

3. Enter your Blackberry email address and the wallpaper will be sent to your email. From here you can download the image and save it to your Blackberry to use as a wallpaper.

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