Saturday, 02 July 2005

I've been using MS Tablet PC powered computers since Compaq came out with the TC1000 a couple/few years ago. After that I switched to the Acer C300-series devices. I've had a couple of the Acers, because they don't wear quite as well as one would have hoped. Thank goodness they have a reasonable RMA/repair policy. As it turns out, the Acer has pretty much everything I need and want: A big, bright, contrasty display; built in DVD burner; touchpad and decent keyboard. What it lacks is frustrating, though: Durability of the pivot hinge with significant use is bad; the case's surface finish wears off; battery life is fair; screen resolution is typically marginal (it's the standard 1024x768). I use the Acer as a laptop more than I do in tablet mode. but when I want tablet mode it's there for me in a matter of a couple of seconds. Oh, and the Acer's a bit heavy. There have been others. I carried around a Toshiba M200 for a while. I didn't like it. The display was flat and dim, and performance was mediocre. No built in optical or removable drive. It just didn't work for me.

Anyhow, yesterday over at Engadget they asked "How would you change the Tablet PC?" There are pushing 100 comment responses as of the time of this post, and while some of the answers are not that helpful, some of them are quite interesting. Check it out over there.

What do I think needs to be in every Tablet PC? Here's my own quick list:

  • Greater than 1024x768 resolution (I can change font and icon sizes if I need to)
  • Display must be bright and contrasty (I like the Acer and Sony bright displays for this)
  • Included high-end docking station
  • Optical burner drive built in (DVD+RW, dual layer even better, make it so I can replace it in a year when the "standards" change)
  • OneNote included (like Toshiba does)
  • Extra pen built in (like Toshiba does)
  • Use a power source readily available on the market so I can plug it into my generic Car/AC/Airplane power adapter
  • Up to 2GB RAM (or more would be fine)
  • Touchpad (I really don't like the red rubber eraser nub thing)
  • Microphones everywhere, high gain, noise canceling
  • Built in camera on the top edge that can rotate/flip to point at the user or away (like Sony's portables) - at least a couple megapixels with a glass lens
  • Biometrics - a fingerprint reader that works

That's for today. What do I want to see in the future?

  • One button, two-second power-on-to-available capability
  • Roll-up computer
  • Gesture tough control support
  • Whatever input recognition they choose, it sure as heck better not be T9...
  • Brain input must not require use of the Microsoft ImplantTM (nor the Apple ImplantTM for that matter)
  • Media center, personal media center, tablet, etc all in every device: Desktops, notebooks, handhelds, etc.

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