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Sxip Identity is the market leader in Identity 2.0, an internet-scale approach to identity and access management that is simple, secure and open.

What Sxip Identity Does

Sxip Access: On-Demand Identity Management

Sxip Access makes on-demand applications simple to deploy. The unique single sign-on and LDAP integration capabilities enables organizations to securely and efficiently provision, deprovision, authenticate and audit end user access to hosted applications. With Sxip Access, you can extend the security and manageability of your corporate network to your hosted application.

Workgroup Edition for small deployments now available!

Identity 2.0, The Video. Dick Hardts Presentation at Web 2.0 2005

Sxip Audit: On-Demand Identity Management

Sxip Audit is a free security dashboard for Salesforce that enables administrators to monitor their organization's security status and activities. It provides you visibility into possible vulnerability points such as unauthorized access attempts, password resets, and assesses password policy strength. This enables you to rapidly assess potential identity and data access issues.

Check it out on AppExchange!

Identity 2.0 Solutions

We’re working on a number of cool new identity-related open source projects for easily and securely accessing and moving identity data online. One of the technologies under development, Whobar, enables you to easily register and login to a website using your choice of emerging identity protocols, such as InfoCard, i-names, and OpenID.

Identity 2.0 made easy!

Sxip News

BC Government Citizen Centric Identity 2.0 Initiative Popular at DIDW

25 September, 2006 - 11:16am

Kudos to the BC government for their presentation on the BCeID initiative at the Digital ID World conference. A great deal of interest was expressed in their Identity 2.0 citizen-centric efforts by others in the identity community.


On-Demand Identity Management to Salesforce Now Available for SMBs

22 September, 2006 - 9:48am

Sxip Access Workgroup Edition makes Salesforce simple and safe to deploy. Simply plug Sxip Access Workgroup Edition into your network and turn it on. A secure channel is automatically established with Sxip's data center, with Sxip undertaking any configuration, maintenance and updating. Sxip instantly and securely directs all the authentication requests to Salesforce on your behalf. The convenient Identity Gateway form-factor of the Workgroup Edition delivers affordable authentication to Salesforce on a per user, subscription based pricing model, bringing all the power of an enterprise-scale solution without the associated IT overhead and costs. Find out more in our talk "Managing Identities in an Outsourced World" at the Software-as-a-Service Conference next week or us for a free trial!

How Software-as-a-Service Makes Identity Management a Challenge

19 September, 2006 - 11:54pm

Computerworld's Paul Gillin recently interviewed Sxip's CEO Dick Hardt for a frank 15 minute podcast on the importance of identity and access management in an outsourced world. They also dicussed trends in the digital identity space and compared the user-centric model of Identity 2.0 technologies like Microsoft InfoCard and why they will be successful versus former attempts at web single sign-on and digital identity such as Microsoft Passport failed.