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Archive for January 29, 2006

It's Official: Microsoft Podcasts

Yeah, look at the title for this page: Download details: Podcasts: How Microsoft  IT Implements Encryption Using SQL Server 2005. Not exactly a subject that would interest most users, but it's certainly… proving that Microsoft isn't afraid to use the word in a sentence (or on a Web page, for that matter). And just in case they change their mind, here's the screen shot.

It's Time for Subscriptions!

The ala carte iPod Video store is getting worse, not better. If you watch only one TV show per week (and you don't already have a cable subscription), I'm sure their efforts are a godsend. However, if you're like me, and already have three DVRs in your house to record all the shows you want to watch, this lack-of-subscription thing is an absolute nightmare.
Someone at Apple is telling me that I have to re-pay for shows I'm already paying for and (possibly) recording elsewhere, legally? Bullshit. Why should I pay $2 for a single episiode of a show? Why?! Why can't I just have a subscription like I do for all my other programming - including my Netflix account, which often goes unused (while money still funnels into their pockets). Just so I can watch it on an iPod. The Apple iTunes Video page lies to everybody… “Looks like fun.” No, it looks like you're going to nickel and dime us to death for low-quality (bitrate) content.
Imagine what'll happen when you have 20 shows you want to watch at $2 apiece. No, seriously. I could rattle off 20 shows right NOW that I enjoy watching on a regular basis. Let's do the math: 20 x $2 = $40. That's not $40 a month, mind you - it's $40 a week, knowing that most seasons have 10+ shows (so, I could spend >$20 to consume a season in low-quality with nothing physical to show for it - and each program having a very low replay factor). Will I pay $40 a month to gain access to *ALL* the stuff I normally get on my digital cable subscription (in a portable, subscribable format)? Yes. Will I pay $40 a week to watch *SOME* of the stuff I normally get on my cable subscription? Hell no, bozo.
They *HAVE* to make it affordable for those of us who enjoy more than one piece of produced content. BitTorrent has it all over the iPod, man - higher quality media, no DRM, etc. Talk about a mashup that needs to happen?! Someone needs to take uTorrent and build a video encoding layer to it that'll automatically take the downloaded videos and transcode them into MP4 (though not H.264 yet, as the PSP doesn't support it) suitable for our selected portable devices.
I'm thoroughly disappointed that I can't take my Napster subscription with me on my PSP or iPod. Instead, companies want me to spend even MORE money for LESS freedom - and to complicate my life even more than it was before. The sad thing is, many folks walk into it blindly thinking it… “looks like fun.” Bullshit. It's all Bullshit, and Apple's leading the bullshit charge (albeit with style).

My New Computer?

  • Icon Chassis Modified For Water Cooling
  • Silverstone 600Watt Modular Power Supply
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Asus A8N-SLI Premium
  • AMD Athlon64 4800+ Dual Core
  • Icon Watercooling Kit (AMD)
  • Corsair Twin X 2048MB 3500LL Pro 2X1024
  • ATI X1900XT Crossfire 512MB Master
  • Raid 0 - Requires 2 Identical Drives
  • WD1500ADFD Raptor 150GB 10000RPM 16MB
  • WD1500ADFD Raptor 150GB 10000RPM 16MB
  • Seagate ST3400832AS 400GB 7200 RPM SATA
  • Plextor 740A 16x DVD+-RW Dual Layer
  • Creative Labs X-Fi Platinum
  • FA404 Int. USB2.0 Flash Media/Floppy
  • Windowed Side Panel - Icon Case
  • Cold Cathode - Blue