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 Wednesday, 20 October 2004
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Podcasting = Verbal Incontinence

Sorry folks, PodCasting = Verbal Incontinence.  I'm just not feeling it.  You can't speak as fast as I read.  I don't like it when you read your PowerPoints to me, and I REALLY don't like it when you ramble on.  My commute isn't nearly long enough to slog through your PodCasts to find a nugget of goodness.  If you blog, I can ignore it, or read it in any order. I can skip forward by, gasp, moving my eyes.

PodCasting, clever, yes.  Interesting, yes.  A new kind of media? Maybe. You could just post the MP3s and I'll download them whenever. Useful? Not to me.

P.S. After all this nonsense around RSS taking up too much bandwidth, you all have the stones to suggest we following links to 40meg MP3s?

Wednesday, 20 October 2004 23:20:26 (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-07:00) by Scott # Comments [12] | Trackback Tracked by:,guid,a61fc7d6-d75d-4627-b610-011be9ad54... [Pingback]
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