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Applications for Windows SharePoint Services

These application templates are tailored to address the needs and requirements for specific business processes or sets of tasks for organizations of any size. The applications are the first out-of-box custom scenarios for the Windows SharePoint Services platform, though they also provide a starting point for partners and developers looking to build deeper Windows SharePoint Services solutions.

I have created a guest account that anyone can use (please don't abuse it) to contribute to any of the sites. When you hit one of the sites please use the following infomation:

User name: sharepoint.bilsimser.com\spguest
Password: SharePoint1

Most of these templates are all available for download from the following Microsoft site. You can download your own here.

Site  Description Preview
Sharepoint Site Board of Directors A Board of Directors or Executive Board may use this application for Windows SharePoint Services to track tasks required by the Board, keep member information, manage a calendar of meetings and activities, host discussions about key issues, and store mission, financial, business, meeting minutes, and other information.
Sharepoint Site Absence Request and Vacation Schedule Management

The Employee Absence Cover application for Windows SharePoint Services provides a central place for managers and employees to see when team members will be out of office, make vacation requests, and find links to individual job sites so a co-worker can easily cover for someone while they are out.

Sharepoint Site Case Work Management  The application for Windows SharePoint Services for Case Work Management provides a single site for case workers such as social workers to manage their case loads of clients and client information. Site is instead for one case worker managing multiple cases and is designed to simplify the process of executing new case interviews, creating reports, organizing case information, and managing case load issues.
Sharepoint Site Change Request Management  This application for Windows SharePoint Services provides a platform for managing the Change Order process related to a particular professional services project and serves as a mechanism for tracking past changes along with their reasons and impacts.
Sharepoint Site Classroom Management  Using this application for Windows SharePoint Services, teachers may post all information about a single class including lesson plans, assignments, tasks, key contacts, grading forms and student information. The site is useful to any substitute teacher covering the class while the instructor is out.
Sharepoint Site Competitive Intelligence  The Competitive Intelligence (CI) Dashboard application for Windows SharePoint Services is designed to improve organization of CI-related materials, and communication about competitive issues among sales, public relations, marketing, product or service management, and executive personnel. It features automatic news feeds from MSNBC, placeholder for competitive graphics, a list for tracking competitive profiles and rankings, and discussions, surveys and document libraries related to CI.
Sharepoint Site Employee Activities  The Employee Activities Site application for Windows SharePoint Services is a central site for communicating information to employees about company clubs, teams, and events. With this application, employees can sign up for activities, access contact and schedule information, participate in discussions and surveys, and view activity photos. Now companies can more easily keep employees up to date on activities in which they may participate, and employees can quickly access the information they need to get involved.
Sharepoint Site Employee Scheduling and Time Reporting  Managers of businesses with hourly employees use this application for Windows SharePoint Services for reviewing and approving timesheets, posting shift and schedule information, making announcements, storing key documents, and surveying their team for feedback on various issues. Employees use this site for submitting their timecard, viewing their assigned shifts, getting updates on job-related information, and requesting schedule changes using discussions to which other employees may reply.
Sharepoint Site Employee Training  The Employee Training application for Windows SharePoint Services is a central go-to site for employees to easily find and sign up for training opportunities related to their role or department. Human Resources or training managers can keep track of information such as training location schedules, number of attendees, and required reading materials. They may also post announcements or send surveys about training issues.
Sharepoint Site Event Coordination  The Event Coordination application for Windows SharePoint Services is a central site for managing the entire event coordination process from event scoping, to organizing tasks and key dates, storing vendor information, posting event-related documents, inviting attendees, and evaluating the event.
Sharepoint Site Expense Reimbursement Request  This application for Windows SharePoint Services is designed to manage the expense report process. It allows the ability to submit new expense reports, post and find expense guidelines and helpful links, and view expense reports according to department, person, type, date, and status.
Sharepoint Site Helpdesk  This application for Windows SharePoint Services features several tools to assist a help desk or customer service team in managing requests from customers and in improving team communication. It features an issue tracker, document library for posting helpful materials such as telephone scripts, technical how-to-guides, and knowledge base articles, and provides a forum for discussions between help desk staff.
Sharepoint Site HR Programs and Forms  This application for Windows SharePoint Services is a central site for employees to sign up, using InfoPath forms, for Human Resources (HR) programs and services such as ID badges, Parking permits, 401K, Healthcare benefits, and more. It also allows an HR manager or benefits administrator to easily view new requests to review, and keep track of all past requests.
Sharepoint Site IT Developer  The IT Developer Team Site application for Windows SharePoint Services provides a central place for developers to access code snippets, track assignments and key dates, manage issues, store contact information, maintain a knowledge base, and communicate via discussions, surveys and announcements. The IT manager can easily adapt the document libraries, lists, issue tracker, and calendar to manage their own essential developer team information.
Sharepoint Site Legal Document Review Management  This application for Windows SharePoint Services is for company legal departments to post legal documents and templates, communicate requirements and processes, and provide contact information. It also features a legal document review tool for managing, prioritizing, and tracking employee requests to review contracts and documents.
Sharepoint Site Loan Initiation  This application for Windows SharePoint Services is designed to help small brokers and banks track documentation and progress on home, car and other loans. It provides a central site for accessing financial calculators, forms, announcements, team surveys, and discussions.
Sharepoint Site Meeting Management  The Meeting Management Site application for Windows SharePoint services is a central place for meeting facilitators to post announcements, schedule, attendee list, supporting materials, objectives, location information, and past meeting minutes. This gives attendees quick access to essential information about the meeting.
Sharepoint Site New Product Development  The New Product Development application for Windows SharePoint Services provides a collaboration tool for product development teams to share contact information, links to important sites, a task list and calendar, and new product planning documents. It also provides one place for executive management to go to view details about the new product development process and status.
Sharepoint Site Performance Review  This application for Windows SharePoint Services is to be used by human resource managers to manage the performance review process across an organization. It is a central site for organizing performance review forms, employee performance history, and related information.
Sharepoint Site Professional Services Contractual Services  This application for Windows SharePoint Services is a single site for Professional Services organizations to manage the initiation step of a client engagement. It provides a collaboration platform for team members to communicate on the timeline, process, and issues related the drafting, approval, and completion of engagement contractual documentation. It also includes InfoPath forms to simplify and automate the creation of new Statements of Work and other project initiation documents.
Sharepoint Site Professional Services Resourcing  Finding the right people and knowing who is available to work on a client engagement is critical to the success of a professional services project. This application for Windows SharePoint Services is designed to organize the resource request and approval process using simple-to-use InfoPath forms with built-in request and approval functionality. It also provides the ability to search for resources according to specific business areas or other criteria.
Sharepoint Site Project Team Site  The Project Team Site application for Windows SharePoint Services provides a central location for the project manager and team to collaborate during all phases of the project lifecycle from initiation to close-out. It is designed to help the project manager easily track the status of tasks, issues, key dates, deadlines, costs, and best practices through the use of customized lists, document libraries, surveys and discussions.
Sharepoint Site Public Official Activity and Issue Management  The Public Official Activity and Issue Management application for Windows SharePoint Services allows any Public Official to keep track, all in one place, their key tasks, calendar, documents, links, and communication with constituents and special interest groups.
Sharepoint Site Public Relations  The Public Relations (PR) application for Windows SharePoint services allows PR departments to centrally organize media contacts; store press releases, market research, and other data; collaborate on PR campaigns documents and activities; track tasks and events; and communicate goals and objectives.
Sharepoint Site Publication Review Center  The Publication Editorial Review application for Windows SharePoint Services provides a central place for editors, staff, and contributors to collaborate on the editing process for a publication such as a magazine, newspaper, or book. Using this application, it is easy to see the status of the various chapters or articles, who is writing or editing each one, and who has already reviewed them. Discussion threads may also be generated to facilitate discussion about the goals, content, or ideas for various documents. This tool would allow reviewers to track changes and document history, manage the review process, display the publication schedule, make assignments, and gather qualitative feedback about each section, article or chapter.
Sharepoint Site Recruiting Resource Center  The Recruiting Resource Center application for Windows SharePoint Services provides an easy, organized way to handle the recruiting process including opening job requisitions, reviewing resumes, managing candidates, facilitating interview cycles, and collecting post-interview feedback. It also features document libraries for storing documents related to recruiting, and discussions for communicating with others about recruiting activities.
Sharepoint Site Request for Proposal  This application for Windows SharePoint services is a central portal for managing the Request for Proposal (RFP) process from writing the RFP document to inviting prospects, managing the timeline and project plan, tracking RFP responses, and evaluating the proposals submitted.
Sharepoint Site Room and Equipment Reservation  This application for Windows SharePoint Services provides one go-to place for organizing conference room, conference call, and meeting equipment availability and for making requests to reserve them.
Sharepoint Site Travel Request  The Travel Request application for Windows SharePoint Services is designed to organize the travel request and approval process. It includes a calendar displaying when workers are out and where, a travel request form, and summaries for managers of requests that need to be approved. It is also a central site for posting travel guidelines and policies, finding links to helpful travel sites, and initiating discussions about travel.
Sharepoint Site Team Room  The Team Room application provides an Announcement List to keep team members informed of important news, a Discussion Board to support and encourage discussions regarding topics of team interest, a central Task List to record and monitor team tasks and their progress, an Events List for scheduling and supporting team meetings, and a central Document Library for the storage and retrieval of important team reference documents.
Sharepoint Site Discussion Database  The Discussion Database application for Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services allows team members to create, review, and reply to discussion topics. Team members can send discussion items to other team members for review, attach documents to discussion items, and set alerts to receive notification when a discussion item is added or changed.
Sharepoint Site Document Library  The Document Library application allows team members to create, upload, checkout, review, and modify documents. Team members can send documents to other team members for review, assign documents to other team member members, and set alerts to receive notification when a document is modified. In addition to the standard SharePoint search functionality, this application allows the user to see additional views of the document library, including By Category, By Author and By Review Status.