Beyond Bullet Points describes several free online resources to help plan and design your presentations. To use these resources, refer to the corresponding pages in the book:

Click to download the Story Template
(Word document/.doc/65k)

Refer to p. 22, "The Beyond Bullet Points
Story Template"

Click to download the Storyboard Guides (PowerPoint file/.ppt/102k)

Refer to p. 88, "Creating Storyboard Guides"

Click to download the Storyboard Formatter (PowerPoint Template/.pot/118k)

Refer to p. 217, "Using the Storyboard Formatter", as well as p. 82, "Setting Up
the Slide Master" and p. 93, "Setting Up
the Notes Master"

Click to download the BBP 4-Row Story Template/.doc/100k

Refer to p. 71, "Making Room for Four"

Download the Table of Contents, Introduction and Chapter 1
Review a range of sample story templates to get started
Try these tools that can help you craft your story and storyboard

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