You've always wondered how these epic MSDN and Microsoft webcasts were produced, didn't you?   Well, lose sleep no longer my friend!   Get the behind the scenes scoop at
While Wally Mead, a TechNet Presenter, (apparently I lobbied to the wrong person for the dev side of the house :)) is the star, they're still cooler than cool.  You can get in on the action too, as there's a "Be a Star" contest, where you can submit your own ideas for a Microsoft webcast.   One winner will be selected, and flown out to Microsoft in Redmond, WA to have their webcast broadcast from here.   So be inspired, and pitch that webcast subject you've always thought we should run, and that you can deliver with vim and vigor. 

Also, this site promotes the glory of some of our best webcast presenters.   Meet the likes of Fritz Onion, Keith Brown, Michele Leroux Bustamante, Tim Huckaby, and as they say, many, many more. 
The videos on this site are pretty darn funny.   At least I think they are...but I work on webcasts.   So check out the webcast magic.   It's magic time baby!

Bryan Baker
MSDN Webcasts