Friday, 05 September 2003

This is where I get to write about myself in the third person. Hey, let's talk about me like I'm not here, m'kay?

Greg Hughes is a technical professional working in the IT/Security field. He lives outside of Portland, Oregon in the United States. Greg grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico. He does not glow in the dark. Well, not anymore, at least.

39 years old and losing his hair, Greg's spent most of his life completely stressing himself out, but enjoying pretty much all of it. After working seven years in photojournalism, he shifted gears and became a police officer. After another seven or so years (itchy eh?) of being paid very little to take big risks and deal with mean people and bad-smelling drunks, he remembered his years of programming classes back in high school and made the bold move to become a professional computer geek. He now makes something like three times the money with one third the risk - not such a bad deal, he says.

But without a regualr dose of risk there comes a desire to continue to walk out there on the edge, so now he blows things up as a hobby. Not bad, he says, when you get to have your fun and someone else pays thousands of dollars to buy the materials. "Win-win," some would call it.

Greg's day job as the Chief Security Exec and VP at a high-tech company allows him to combine the geekiness of technology with the law-enforcement-edness of forensics and investigation, and his weblog (you're reading it) combines security and technology with the art of journalism in its own bloggy way. You could say it's the perfect way for him to culminate his interests and communicate them with so many others on whatevr terms seem to work at the time.

People who know him wonder how he has managed to pack so many experiences into his life. They also wonder if he ever stops to oh, say, sleep. When it comes down to it, Greg is one of those guys who doesn't want to miss out on all those things that most people dream of. Whether it's helping catch cyber-criminals, skydiving, climbing mountains, catching bad guys, or being the halftime highlight on Sports Center because some clumsy basketball player crushed him while he was shooting pictures on the court, there's a decent chance he's done it, because it's all about the experience.

Greg Hughes is a single, available, kind and fairly decent human being. He's convinced his future wife will magically show up on his front doorstep any day now. He has been a foster parent for 14 at-risk and special-needs kids, as well as a cop, photographer, geek, student, movie theater projectionist, paperboy, bakery cleaner, camera salesman, volunteer, pyrotechnician, friend, and a whole slew of other random things.

Want/need to reach Greg? That's cool, yo. Here ya go:

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