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Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification Announcement

Published: November 4, 2004 | Updated: December 8, 2004

In response to consumer feedback, Microsoft is expanding its security bulletin program to provide all customers with advance information about upcoming monthly security updates.

Starting in November 2004, the TechNet Security site will publish a general summary of planned security bulletin releases three business days before each regularly scheduled monthly bulletin release. Currently, security bulletins are scheduled to be released on the second Tuesday of each month.

The advance notifications will include the number of bulletins that might be released, the anticipated severity ratings, and the products that might be affected.

The purpose of the advance notification is to assist customers with resource planning for the monthly security bulletin release. The information provided in the notification will be general and will not disclose vulnerability details or other information that could put customers at risk.

The notification will be based on the information available three business days before the monthly bulletin release date. However, this information often changes due to the complexity of testing security updates. Therefore, the notification should not be viewed as definitive.

Sign up for the Microsoft Security Notification Service: Comprehensive Version, which provides e-mail notification of upcoming security bulletins and timely notification of any minor changes to previously released Microsoft Security Bulletins.

See the most recent security bulletin advance notification.

Note: Security Bulletin Advance Notification may not be provided for bulletins released outside of the scheduled monthly release cycle. For more information, please read Revamping the Microsoft Security Bulletin Release Process.


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