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Second Cupertino Campus

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Comments (7)

jirjen (2 weeks ago)
Has anybody seen this man without a waterbottle?
biggyme13 (2 weeks ago)
Thats because he probably will faint if he doesn't have one.
royteo (2 weeks ago)
jirjen, thanks for pointing that out!

I have watched prolly dozens of Jobs videos but wasnt sharp enough to realize that.

He must have some kinda special stuff in those water to help him keep his mind sharp.
Macaholic (2 weeks ago)
based on Jobs' description of the cross-streets, I sleuthed out where this campus will be. Here's a link to a Google Earth bookmark I made of it:
jhvander (2 weeks ago)
Man this is surreal. All the empty chairs, the cheap booth, one sceptical looking guy in the audience... It's like a bizarro-Jobs who's a small-town community activist giving speeches around the south from his camper truck. And he has a dog named Big Mac who's always getting him and trouble and making him move on to the next town. Now that would be a good show... Now what was this comment about again...
graffickattackDOTcom (4 days ago)
One council member Patrick Kwok went, "We look forward to continue to work with you on a win/win type of sitaution. Thanks again! Woot! woot!" LOL
spacespace (1 day ago)
Amazing! Patrick Kwok really did say "Thanks again! Woot! Woot!"

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About This Video
Added on April 20, 2006, 06:53 AM
by sieyin  (1 videos | 35 favorites)
Steve Jobs' public testimony at Cupertino's City Council. 4/second-cupertino-campus.html
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