Hack IIS 6.0 Challenge Contest Rules

A successful "hack" of the IIS server contest will be any modification of any content on the web server computer, IIS, or the database server computer or disclosure to the contest officials (at the email address cited herein) of data from the web server or database computer not published on the hackiis6.com web site.

A successful hack includes:
  1. Successful web site defacement (subject to the limitations as indicated below)
  2. Modification of web server or database computers
  3. Proven knowledge of content located in "hidden" Microsoft Word document.
  4. Proven knowledge of other content found on the web server or database computer.
A successful hack does not include:
  1. External denial of service attack against web server computer, or any participating vendor, or device. Denial of service attacks due to successfully modified content on web server computer are fair game.
  2. Attacks or modifications of any computer or device besides web server or database computers.
  3. Attacks involving external domain naming services.
  4. Publishing readily available directory or file listings without accessing or modifying files on the web server or database computer.
  5. Physical attacks.

Final decision on what constitutes a successful hack rests solely with the hackiis6.com team officials.

The prize for the first successful hack, if there is one, is a Microsoft Xbox console package. In order for prize to be awarded, the hacker must send an email with the details of the hack to prizes@hackiis6.com and include the following:
  1. Date and time of hack success
  2. Legal name of hacker and/or team
  3. Email address of contact person
  4. Description of hack sufficient to verify that it took place
  5. Description of how hack was accomplished

The above must be sent to prizes@hackiis6.com within 12 hours of successful hack, AND prior to midnight EDT June 8, 2005.

In order to qualify for winning prize, winner agrees to the following conditions:
  1. Not to reveal any mention of hack success for 24 hours to anyone but the hackiis6.com email address listed above.
  2. Not to reveal details of the hack for 30 days unless given prior approval by the hackiis6.com contest management team.
  3. Not to modify any content or deface web site in a vulgar or derogatory manner; and agrees not to promote any product, person, team, software, tool, company, etc. during any possible defacement. Any modified content cannot include content not created, owned, or licensed by hacker.
  4. Any hacks must be able to be demonstrated and readily recreated.
  5. To abide by all contest rules and decisions.
  6. Windows IT Pro reserves the right to include details of potential hack(s) as the basis for editorial coverage.
  7. Contest open to anyone at least 18 years old as of date of entry. Void where prohibited by law.
  8. Employees and agents/contractors of Windows IT Pro [Penton Media, Inc.], or Microsoft and its respective parents, affiliated and subsidiary companies, and advertising and promotional agencies, and of prize sponsors, as well as the immediate family of such employees or members of their households are not eligible to participate in this challenge. Winner is responsible for all taxes and will be required to provide proof of identity. Sponsor: Windows IT Pro, Penton Media, Inc., 221 E. 29th Street, Loveland, CO 80538.