Windows Defender (Beta 2) Beyond basics: help and how-tos

With Software Explorer, you can view detailed information about software that is currently running on your computer that can affect your privacy or the security of your computer.

What to do if Windows Defender (Beta 2) has identified your latest download as a potential spyware threat, and there’s no related information on the Microsoft worldwide user network? You can quarantine the suspicious software and isolate the threat.

Windows Defender (Beta 2) can check your system automatically to identify potential new threats. Find out how you can configure Windows Defender (Beta 2) to search for spyware on your computer at periodic intervals, day or night.

You can set Windows Defender (Beta 2) to trigger alerts before you install known spyware. The Real-Time Protection monitoring system gives you an extra measure of defense beyond routine system scans.

Download Windows Defender (Beta 2)