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Get started with Windows Defender (Beta 2)

Discover the basics: Download, install, and use Windows Defender (Beta 2). See how you can identify suspicious software, remove the offending programs, and release system resources.

Beyond basics: Help and how-tos

Make the most of Windows Defender (Beta 2) by scheduling scans, putting suspicious programs into quarantine, and intercepting known spyware or other unwanted software before it's installed.

If you're a Windows Defender (Beta 2) expert—or if you need help from someone who is—you can share your knowledge and questions with other users.

Who knows Windows Defender (Beta 2) better than the engineers? Check out the Microsoft anti-malware engineering blog for information and insights.

Some software that uses spyware technology is intended to be deceptive or harmful, while other programs—like antivirus software—use that technology to run as you expect them to. See what others say—and share your own views.

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