Fingerprint Reader

Say goodbye to password hassles—now you can log on to your computer and your favorite Web sites with your fingerprint. The Microsoft® Fingerprint Reader lets you replace all those usernames and passwords* with something much easier to remember: the tip of your finger.

The Fingerprint Reader is integrated into some of Microsoft’s latest keyboard and mouse products, and also sold separately.

Quick setup, easy sign in, fast access

Quick setup, easy sign in, fast access
The Registration Wizard helps you register your fingerprints quickly and easily. Then, when you visit a site that requires a password, just touch the Fingerprint Reader with a registered finger, enter your data, and click OK—it's the last time you'll ever have to enter information for that site. You can also use the Fingerprint Reader to quickly switch between user accounts without closing programs and files.

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Wireless Optical Mouse 5000Wireless Optical Mouse 5000
  • 4-Way Scrolling
  • Magnifier
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Fingerprint ReaderFingerprint Reader
  • Fingerprint Reader Technology
  • * The Fingerprint Reader should not be used for protecting sensitive data such as financial information, or for accessing corporate networks. We continue to recommend that you use a strong password for these types of activities.

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