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Archive for October 8, 2004

Behind the Foam

The Channel 9 Guy asked me to help him on a project today. Since I was tired of working (after doing it for eighteen hours straight), I decided to take a break and offer some assistance. I'm proud to present his completely unofficial autobiography. [NOTE: the RSS feed for this Entry has an Enclosure, possibly making it a Video Podcast]

Kitchen Crap?

Okay, all you junk e-mailers out there: Ponzi just asked me to tell you to stop sending her faux offers for blenders (because she really, really, really wants one). She said she didn't care so much about pills to increase her brain size (up to 400x), but specifically doesn't want to see anything about products that belong in the kitchen. You see, the kitchen is almost like her sanctuary; you don't mess with Ponzi's kitchen. Or, if any of you are going to send her something about a blender, she would rather the offer be legit instead of from some “KitchenProd4UTodayHotNow” company. Williams-Sonoma, are you listening? We tried calling the Pampered Chef earlier, but he apparently has Caller ID.

BeyondTV 3.5 (a PVR)

A few minutes ago, SnapStream Media released a new version of their award-winning Personal Video Recorder. Now you can record several television shows at once (since it supports multiple tuner cards). They're also known as DVRs, typically linked with the verb “tivo.” With any one of these media solutions, you can record your favorite TV shows, pause live programs, and fast-forward through boring editorials with aging anchormen… if you like watching that sort of thing? I guess this is the closest thing I'll ever get to being on the cover of a magazine? It's a still photo, so don't stare too long. Seriously, though - if you don't have a PVR somewhere in your home, you're a below-average geek. Television will never be the same again (and neither will my chest).

Wedding Bells

If price was no object, where would you choose to get married? In a church, under the stars, or while skydiving? Jackie and Jason decided to do it at Gnomedex this year. They didn't warn anybody, though. Instead, they walked through the door dressed to the nines - proclaiming that they were now officially husband and wifed. Everybody was surprised. When Royal Farros (from MessageCast) won something nice from VIA, he offered it to the newlyweds as a gift. Fry's would be the ultimate place for a gift registry, wouldn't it? Forget the matching silverware - get me a big screen TV! They walked down the aisle, this bride and her geek. Who knew we could coordinate weddings, too? If you're a bride wannabe in search of a tech-savvy spouse, I'd recommend coming to our next event. We believe this marriage will last; they each have their own computer, which is the best foundation for any successful relationship.