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I am not sure if this has been already done, but I think it’s about high time someone started consolidating a list of tools that are out for SharePoint. I am thinking of something similar to the SharpToolbox. Of course the list will not be huge like the CSharp list at SharpToolbox, but I think we’ve got enough to go around. So let me start it off by providing the ones I know, you guys can contribute by adding the ones you know to the comments system of this post, and I will update the Post (Oh how I wish we had a Wiki or SharePont list for this for this right now)

So here is my initial cut.

Update: Joris(JOPX) I hope you don't mind me borrowing a few snippets from your blog post.

Product Suites

CorasWorks Workplace Suite


Suite with rollup webparts (for news,documents,tasks,...), navigation controls and full language localization (This is way cool...)


If SharePoint is your platform for Collaboration there is a good chance that you will appreciate the functionality provided by the CorasWorks Suite



Provide lots of modules such as replication technologies for SharePoint, bulkloader, audit for SharePoint,...


Didnt know Syntergy existed until Joris pointed them out on his link. Looks like an awesome toolset for SharePoint.

Backup/Data Recovery

DocAve by AvePoint


DocAve provides you with a granular backup facility for SharePoint. AvePoint have been providing backup solutions for SharePoint right back from the days of SharePoint 2001. Although I wasn’t fully satisfied with their trial version offered on their site. I actually had trouble getting it to run.

Nintex Smart Library


Nintex’s Smart Library product adds an undelete facility to your document libraries.

SharePoint Document Recovery Tool


Free download from Stephane Cordonnier

Anti-Virus Solutions

McAfee Portal Shield


Data Mining

Advanced Rollups by CorasWorks


A very powerful WebPart that will let you roll-up data from multiple sites to other sites. Data being rolled up can be filtered, sorted, grouped etc. You can also manipulate how the data will displayed, e.g. Field order. WebPart also contains a search facility to search data being rolled up.


PowerNav by SharePoint Experts


Provides a 'Navigation Story' WebPart for SharePoint Sites

Navigation WebParts by CorasWorks


CorasWorks has a couple of WebParts that assists in Navigating SharePoint Sites

SiteNavigator by Advis 



Another one of those vendors that I was unaware of untill Joris pointed them out. You should check out Advis they have a series of WebParts for various purposes.


FlowBuilder by DataLan




I do not have any information regarding this product.

LMR Smart Workflow


An add-on that adds Workflow capabilities to any list in SharePoint. The uses for this product can be very extensive, however UI aspects could improve a bit, specially the Workflow designer.

NetPoint Solutions


Nintex Smart Library


Adds-on to SharePoint to provides document workflow, auditing, document undelete facilities. Currently works only with SharePoint Document libraries.

Skelta Workflow.Net


Teamplate by Captaris


This workflow toolset even adds a module for fax based workflow "RightFax Workflow wizard Skelta workflow .Net DataLan FlowBuilder

Workflow by CorasWork


Couldn't find the exact link to the product, I do not know any thing about this product except for what is published on their site.

Workflow Integration by Factiva


Search and workflow tools for Office 2003

Data Import

XML Importer


Neat tool for importing data from Xml files to SharePoint lists. It basically lets you map out what nodes in the xml file maps to what fields in the SharePoint list and then imports the data.

Data Export

Miscellaneous Tools

SharePoint Explorer by Navigo


Another free tool which you can use to explore the SharePoint object model

SharePoint Explorer


This is a neat tool except for one annoying issue i.e.; the lack of validation specially for entering the ‘SharePoint Url’ in the Settings tab. If the URL is entered without a trailing ‘/’ it throws an exception, and oh yes when you enter your credentials for the WebService to use make sure nobody is looking over your shoulder.

SharePoint Services web service browser


A nice tool for querying the WebServices of SharePoint. Has the same quirks as the SharePoint Explorer tool. Basically this looks like a very much simplified version of WebServiceStudio 2.0. WebServiceStudio gives you more control. The advantage that SharePoint Services web service browser has over WS Studio is that it gives you a list of WebServices that SharePoint exposed, with WebServiceStudio you wouldn’t know what the Web Service Url unless you poked around a bit or launched VS.NET and took a look at the Web Services

WebServiceStudio 2.0


Not a tool specific for SharePoint, but you can use it to invoke methods on SharePoints Web Services

RSS Syndicator/Aggregator

DevHawk Rss Syndicator


Provides Rss syndication facilities for SharePoint

Sig Webber’s Rss Syndicator


Sigs Rss Syndicator generates an Rss Document based on a Sites content and stores it on SharePoint document library.

Smiling Goat RSS Feed Reader


A WebPart that lets you subscribe to RSS feeds and displays the feed and its description on SharePoint. multiple Rss feed subscription is possible.


K-Bus by Entopia


K-Bus for SharePoint Portal Server: Adds extra information discovery capabilities, also allows SharePoint to index Documentum, Opentext,...

Ontolica Search By Navigo System


Ontolica provides a series of WebParts that provide more extensive search capabilities for SharePoint. Features include (taken from their site). The WebPart apparently also provides “Wildcard (*) searching, which everybody by default assumes is present but is disappointed when they discover is lacking.

People Finder WebPart


Searches for people on Portal Server (only people not documents) based on the persons name

Much more to come, including Jan's LeadIt WebParts, WebParts and tools from Maurice Prather (Bluedog Limited), WebParts from Collutions and more of Sig Webbers tools.

posted on Thursday, December 02, 2004 12:03 PM


# re: Tools Galore (Work In Progress) 12/2/2004 7:30 PM JOPX
I added some extra tools in a blogposting, check out

# Lots of SharePoint tool goodness 12/2/2004 7:22 PM Angus Logan

# re: Tools Galore (Work In Progress) 12/3/2004 7:21 AM Mike Walsh Helsinki
Your link for "Advanced Rollups by CorasWorks" goes to AvePoint !

# re: Tools Galore (Work In Progress) 12/3/2004 12:20 PM Tariq
Hey Mike,
any chance of moving this list to WSSFAQ.com

# Tariq's SharePoint Tools List 12/3/2004 5:15 PM Amanda.Murphy's Weblog SharePoint InfoPath Xbox Ta
My new SharePoint friend Tariq has posted a great blog entry showing a listing of SharePoint tools available in the market. Tariq has been very helpful so far in the planning of the User Group Website so far and I am thrilled to have him...

# re: Tools Galore (Work In Progress) 12/4/2004 3:26 PM Mike Walsh Helsinki
Oh, so you haven't notice that I checked out version 1 of this list and added a few items to section VII of the blog :) ? (How do you thin I spotted that wrong address!!)

P.S. I think that JOPX would be maybe happier about you quoting from his blog if you also gave the URL of his blog.


# re: Tools Galore (Work In Progress) 12/4/2004 2:27 PM Mike Walsh Helsinki
Oops I added to section VII of the *WSS FAQ* not the blog ...

# re: Tools Galore (Work In Progress) 12/4/2004 3:42 PM Tariq
Thanks for pointing out the missing link to Jopx's psot for me Mike. I had it in an intermediate version in the run up to what you see currently posted. I must have missed it somehow when reformatting the HTML (which mind you was quite an unpleasant task)

# re: Tools Galore (Work In Progress) 12/4/2004 8:32 PM Colin Walker
Don't forget Mark's list over at SharePoint+ http://sharepointplus.com/sp.htm just in case there's something listed which you've missed.

# re: Tools Galore (Work In Progress) 12/6/2004 1:04 PM Tariq
Also the tool all of us WebPart Developer (specially me) loves
the Waka WebPart tool

# re: Tools Galore (Work In Progress) 12/9/2004 4:13 AM Jim Duncan
How about a Blog site definition? http://dev.collutions.com/blogs/sample

A little better than the fwp included with FrontPage (imho).

A download will be available soon.

# SharePoint Tools Galore 1/11/2005 8:11 PM Amanda.Murphy's Xbox & SharePoint Blog
My good SharePoint friend Tariq has posted a great blog entry showing a listing of SharePoint tools available in the market. Tariq has been very helpful so far in the planning of the User Group Website so far and I...

# re: Tools Galore (Work In Progress) 12/2/2005 1:21 PM Ethan
Nice SharePoint Management Tool

Universal SharePoint Manager


# re: Tools Galore (Work In Progress) 1/23/2006 6:24 PM SP Manager by NSE for item-level backup
Easy to install and actually works. You can't beat the price either.

# Web and Flo Workflow Software 4/1/2006 12:22 PM cbas
Web Based Workflow Design Studio and End User Environment

# Web and Flo Workflow Software 4/1/2006 12:23 PM cbas
Web Based Workflow Design Studio and End User Environment
<a href="http://www.webandflo.com">www.webandflo.com</a>

# re: Tools Galore (Work In Progress) 4/1/2006 12:24 PM cbas
Web Based Workflow Design Studio and End User Environment

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