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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Datasheet

Updated: November 3, 2005
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Enable your sales, marketing and customer service teams to build lasting customer relationships with an affordable, easy-to-use CRM solution from Microsoft.

This version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes:

Familiar Microsoft Office Outlook experience that allows your people to easily and efficiently manage sales, service and marketing business processes—strengthening and expanding profitable customer relationships.

Enhanced reporting and analysis tools with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services—tools that allow your analysts and forecasters to sharpen insights and make informed decisions that improve your business.

Innovative and intuitive business design and customization tools that empower your people to create innovative products and services, improve customer relationships, and find solutions to meet your unique business needs.

Simplified deployment and management tools for your IT staff, giving them more time to plan and prepare for future infrastructure needs.

Standardize customer communications and business processes with familiar Microsoft technology that works the way your people work, adapts to the way you do business, and works the way your IT staff expects it to.

Works the way your people work

An easier way to manage and develop customer relationships

Microsoft CRM in Microsoft Office Outlook allows your teams to send and manage e-mail, store business contacts and manage their appointment calendars without having to switch between applications.

An easier way to manage and develop customer relationships

Manage customer communications and business relationships within Microsoft CRM's native Microsoft Outlook Experience

Centralize customer information. Keep customer information in a single place. Establish a single view of customer relationships across the organization.

Schedule appointments and meetings. Arrive prepared for important customer meetings. Access sales opportunities, campaign offers and customer service history within each appointment.

Unify customer e-mail and responses. Say good-bye to "copy and paste" for integrating inbox and CRM e-mail. Automatically capture entire discussion threads within customer history records.

My work, my way

Microsoft CRM delivers a personalized, configurable workspace that helps managers and staff make more informed business decisions using dynamic analysis and reporting tools. With these tools they can

Configure their workplace. They can access the information they use most often by selecting the workplace profile that delivers instant access to their customer information and activities.

My work, my way

Staff can personalize their work environment according to the ways that they interact with customers.

Take their customers everywhere. They won’t lose a step when working away from the office. Enhanced data synchronization provides full access to their sales and customer service information on their laptop or mobile device.

Works the way your business does

Designed for your business

Microsoft CRM provides organizations with a flexible and customizable platform that can be configured to meet and grow with your unique business needs.

Customize quickly and easily. Tailor to meet your unique business requirements without writing a single line of code. Modify application forms, data fields, relationships and add entire new system objects with intuitive, Web-based design tools.

Designed for your business

Use intuitive business design tools to customize your Microsoft CRM system.

Streamline business processes. Work more efficiently with process automation. Transform repetitive work tasks into powerful business workflow.

Integrate across applications. Bring information together and simplify cross-system processes. Use enhanced Web services to integrate across system and platform boundaries giving you a view of your customers.

Create demand and drive business results

When your sales and marketing teams use Microsoft CRM to plan, implement and monitor multi-tiered campaigns, they generate new sales for your business.

Target your marketing efforts. Fine tune marketing campaigns and offers that generate the greatest return. Use intelligent list and segmentation tools to effectively reach prospective customers while at the same time reducing ineffective marketing spend.

Fuel your sales engine. Fill your sales pipeline with qualified sales leads and opportunities. Use instant analytics and embedded coaching to cross sell additional products and services to customers.

Create demand and drive business results

Use wizard-driven utilities for launching quick sales campaigns across your existing customer base.

Measure campaign effectiveness and revenue impact. Know which offers and marketing efforts generate results. Measure the effectiveness of each campaign activity by tracking response rates, interest levels and closed business from each originating campaign.

Provide value-added service to customers

With Microsoft CRM, your customer service people can transform everyday service issues into opportunities for enhancing customer relationships.

Respond faster to service issues. Find and deliver the right answers to customers in real-time. Leverage the integrated knowledge base for quick-access to procedure manuals, frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips.

Escalate un-resolved issues. Resolve customer issues according to desired service levels. Automatic escalation and routing rules ensure that complex service requests are routed to appropriate work queues and resources.

Schedule and dispatch service resources. Locate and secure professionals best suited to deliver services for customers. Centralized scheduling and dispatch provides integrated calendar views of available resources.

Provide value-added service to customers

Find and schedule service professionals from a centralized appointment dashboard.

Works the way IT expects it to

Easy installation and upgrade

Your IT department will get your Microsoft CRM system up and running faster with easy installation, upgrade and deployment tools.

Fail-safe software installation. Reduce installation and deployment costs for your CRM system. Ensure a hassle free installation with enhanced component diagnosis and troubleshooting tools.

Upgrade customizations, processes and data. Say goodbye to the “weekend upgrade.” Customized forms, schemas, relationships and workflow are automatically upgraded.

High performance and reliability

Deliver increased results when searching, synchronizing and analyzing customer information.

Optimized data views and queries. Quickly find what you are looking for when you need it. Achieve faster results when searching across large volumes of customer information.

Filter offline data for synchronization. Quickly synchronize offline data. Pre-filter datasets for offline usage and access.

Failover protection. Fault tolerance ensures high up-time and availability. Deploy Microsoft CRM within clustered Web, Database and E-mail server environments.

Simple deployment and manageability

Your IT people will spend less time managing infrastructure and more time delivering business value.

Build once, run anywhere. Design your application on a test system and migrate easily to production systems.

Monitor the health of your CRM environment. Troubleshoot and resolve potential conflicts on your server infrastructure with centralized management and notification tools.

Simple deployment and manageability

Quickly diagnose potential problems and apply latest service packs across your Microsoft server infrastructure.

Zero footprint and zero-touch clients. Microsoft CRM for Outlook installs automatically, with or without a local data store. Zero footprint browser client provides a rich CRM experience with full application capabilities.

For more information

Additional product information and details will be made available to customers via www.microsoft.com/dynamics/crm. Additional tools and resources will be made available to partners via https://partner.microsoft.com/40014584/businesscrm/.

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