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Introducing Microsoft Dynamics

People, processes, and products come together under new brand

Published: October 28, 2005

Inside our business blueprint
Microsoft VP Satya Nadella provides insight on current functionalities and future directions of business technologies.

PressPass: Microsoft introduces new Dynamics brand
Microsoft VP Tami Reller discusses how the new brand is reflective of “Project Green.”

Microsoft has introduced a new product brand for its financial management, supply chain management, and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions: Microsoft Dynamics. Our leading business applications formerly titled Microsoft Business Solutions are being renamed under the new brand. These changes reflect the direction Microsoft has been taking with business technology: an approach that centers on how people work and on process-centric design. Microsoft chose "Dynamics" because customers told us that they found the name meaningful as they pursue their objectives under constantly-shifting market, technology, and business conditions.

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Increasingly tighter integration across familiar productsIncreasingly tighter integration across familiar products
Increased value for your technology investmentIncreased value for your technology investment
Software that grows with youSoftware that grows with you
Simplified solution namesSimplified solution names

Increasingly tighter integration across familiar products

Today, Microsoft business products work like and with productivity software that most of us are used to working with—Microsoft Office System applications. As these products come together under one brand, development across all of them will continue to enhance capabilities for supporting contextual business intelligence, delivering increasingly higher value from business portals, and connecting Web services. The result—increasingly efficient business processes. Developers and IT professionals working with separate products today will be able to collaborate even more effectively when contributing to Microsoft Dynamics business-management solutions. That means that software innovation is likely to bring benefits to your business faster than ever.

Increased value for your technology investment

Microsoft is committed to maintaining and extending the value of your investment in technology. For current Microsoft Business Solutions products, the new product names will be introduced with each upcoming release. As a customer, you can adopt the Microsoft Dynamics name at your own pace. If you participate in the Microsoft Business Solutions Enhancement Program today, you can change to programs branded as Microsoft Dynamics when you're ready to upgrade, while keeping all the software functionality that you already own. As they do now, Microsoft partners will assist you in implementing optimally-configured business management technology, adding their deep industry expertise and integrating applications they've created to satisfy specific needs.

Software that grows with you

One of Microsoft's goals for a unified technology experience is to make it continually easier for you to run a successful business and outperform the competition. If you're already using or considering implementing Microsoft Business Solutions, you can rest assured that your investment is sound. Current business applications are already developed for tight integration across Microsoft technologies. As today's business solutions become one unified business management suite, you can focus more than ever on what you want technology to help you accomplish in different lines of business—manufacturing, distribution, sales, financial management, customer relationships, and more. By letting you focus more on your business and less on technology details, Microsoft Dynamics can get you closer to your business goals more effectively, no matter where you're starting from. As your business grows, you can simply extend your Microsoft Dynamics implementation with more advanced capabilities.

Simplified solution names

The names you will see for the Microsoft solutions that may already be at work in your business include:

Microsoft Dynamics AX will replace Microsoft Business Solutions–Axapta

Microsoft Dynamics GP has replaced Microsoft Business Solutions–Great Plains

Microsoft Dynamics NAV will replace Microsoft Business Solutions–Navision

Microsoft Dynamics SL has replaced Microsoft Business Solutions–Solomon

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has replaced Microsoft CRM

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