Thursday, 01 July 2004

By now, I'm sure a good percentage of you have found, and probably did so a few years ago.  For those who havent, KBAlertz basically provides a service where you “subscribe” to different Microsoft technologies, and you get a daily or weekly email anytime a technology you've subscribed to has a new knowledge base article published.

Email was all they had back when I first signed up, but somehow the thought of transforming those emails into RSS popped into my head this morning.  I browsed over to the site to see if they'd beaten me to the punch, and - joy of joys - they have!

First, browse to the technology list, and then click on whichever technology you would like to subscribe to (don't click on the “Hot” link).  Once the individual technology page comes up, you'll see that bright orange XML icon we all know and love; you know what to do from there.

Subscribed!  And subscribed... and subscribed... and subscribed...

- G

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