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VeriChat™ for Blackberry
VeriChat™ for BlackBerry
VeriChat For BlackBerry is an always-on, unified instant messaging (IM) application for RIM BlackBerry devices. VeriChat keeps you connected to Yahoo!, ICQ, MSN & AOL chat networks, when you are on the go. Your buddies always see you as online (even when your device is in standby mode) and you can exchange IM messages with them from anytime, anywhere.

Some of the key features of VeriChat are:

  • Customizable alerts.
  • Have multiple conversations with your buddies at the same time.
  • Sophisticated, easy to use UI.
  • Phone numbers, email addresses and Web URLs in conversations are automatically hyperlinked, and you can easily call, email or surf to these links.
  • Pre-defined messages to make everyday messaging easier.

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