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This site is designed to save you time by offering only the most useful resources on Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR). Our "one-stop-shopping" approach offers you hand-picked articles, patient stories, a lively discussion board and one-on-one support through unique patient guide support.

When approaching ADR, patients must consider facts and opinions from a wide range of sources: doctors, patients, medical professionals, manufacturers and government agencies. This mosaic of information is needed to piece together an objective, well-founded knowledge base to help patients make educated choices about their spinal health care.

As ADR is comparatively new in the U.S. and is complex, we recommend “rolling up your sleeves” and engaging in different types of learning. Consider the unique bundle of support services on this site to help you find, read, interact, learn and help you decide among the many options for improving your spinal health.

The First Artificial Disc Replacement Paper!

Check out the first copy of "Lumbar Total Disc Replacement: Charité Artificial Disc." This comprehensive paper provides an excellent overview of the disc replacement procedure. Click here for more information.

Our Discussion Board is a Hit!

There's lot of great news from the world of insurance! ADR is finally approved by several major insurance companies. Check out the buzz within our supportive international community by clicking here.

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