Ben Hammersley

XHTML Validator to RSS

The w3c’s XHTML validation service is tremendously useful, but it’s a pain to be continually checking it for breakages, and then working through the errors when they occur. Their user interface leaves a bit to be desired as well.

Personally, I like nice to-do lists and automatic checking of my pages. So to combine the two, I’ve made a widget to create a XHTML Validation Results RSS feed from any page.

To use it, just append your URL to and subscribe to that in your nearest RSS reader. e.g.

The validation is redone everytime the feed is requested. If there are no errors, the feed will be empty. Silence is golden, in other worlds. Simple and handy, but subject to possible breakages as the w3c validator evolves. I’ll try to keep up. Until then, have fun. The source code is here.

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