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Spaceweather PHONE comes in two varieties. Click on the links below to find out which is right for you:

Space Weather Alerts, cost: $4.95 per month
This is for people who love auroras and want to know about solar activity. Your phone will ring to tell you about big sunspots, solar flares, and geomagnetic storms. [details]

Backyard Astronomy Alerts, cost: $6.95 per month
This is for people who simply enjoy the night sky. Phone alerts include space station flybys, planetary alignments, and meteor showers. [details]

" I admit it: I was clueless about the sky. Then my son signed me up for Spaceweather PHONE as a Mother's Day gift."

"Since then I've seen a lunar eclipse, Earthshine, and the space station--twice! It really works. "

--Dorothy Sword of Niceville, FL


Spaceweather PHONE is an astronomy alert service from the creators of Sign up for our service --for yourself or as a gift for someone else-- and we'll phone you when things are happening in the sky.

When auroras appear over your hometown, your phone will ring. When the space station is about to fly over your back yard, your phone will ring. When planets align ... you get the idea. The voice you hear will be Dr. Tony Phillips telling you what to look for and when.

Each phone call comes with a simultaneous email message, so if you miss part of your call or can't remember the details--just check your email for the full story!


Spaceweather PHONE is for everyone: casual sky watchers, serious astronomers, moms, dads, students. Your account can be configured to match your interests and abilities. Spaceweather PHONE is a global service; we can phone every continent including Antarctica.

Ham radio operators use Spaceweather PHONE to learn about solar flares, radio blackouts, and space station flybys. (It's possible to listen to radio chatter from the ISS when it flies over your hometown.)

Photographers use Spaceweather PHONE to catch elusive auroras and "photo ops" involving the Moon and planets.

Casual sky watchers use Spaceweather PHONE to spot new comets, planetary alignments, and meteors showers. The sky is filled with sights that are easy to see with the unaided eye. Most people miss them simply because they don't know when to look. Spaceweather PHONE solves that problem.

Sons and daughters buy it for their moms and dads. Spaceweather PHONE is a great gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas or Hannekuh.

Serious astronomers value Spaceweather PHONE because it connects them to Earth-orbiting satellites via their telephone. They instantly learn when solar flares explode, when solar wind gusts sweep past Earth, when the interplanetary magnetic field tilts south.

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