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Live Communications Server 2005 Public IM Connectivity Datasheet

Published: April 26, 2005
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Communicating with business partners through instant messaging (IM) provides numerous benefits. Many organizations choose to disable IM clients, however, to increase corporate security, meet government regulations, and reduce the number of employees that use public IM services for personal use. Public IM Connectivity for Live Communications Server 2005 offers corporate users a way to connect with trusted customers and partners who may be using the most popular IM clients—MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, or Yahoo! Messenger.

By providing encrypted and optionally logged transactions between public IM data centers and Live Communications Server internal users, organizations can more securely and effectively connect information workers to the most popular public IM services in the marketplace today. Users benefit through a single client experience enabling them to view IM contacts and Live Communications Server contacts in the same client, share presence, and send instant messages to both Live Communications Server and public IM contacts.

Included in this document:

The public IM dilemma

The solution



Pricing and licensing

System requirements

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