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The Microsoft Office enterprise real-time communications server


Learn how Live Communications Server 2005 can help you improve business efficiencies and increase productivity by sharing ideas and information immediately. This unified communications (UC) platform offers enterprise-grade solutions by integrating with the Microsoft Office System and Microsoft Windows Server System products and services.

Microsoft Office Communicator Web AccessMicrosoft Office Communicator Web Access

Learn how Communicator Web Access can extend the reach of Live Communications Server 2005 to a broader base of information workers using only a Web browser.

Microsoft Office Communicator 2005Microsoft Office Communicator 2005

Learn how Communicator 2005 can help you connect people inside the enterprise in real time, connect the PC and phone, and increase the velocity of your supply chain.

Microsoft Office Communicator MobileMicrosoft Office Communicator Mobile

Learn how Communicator Mobile can help you extend the reach of Live Communications Server 2005 to information workers using Windows Mobile powered devices.

Get In Early! Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists: Live Communications Server 2005

Take advantage of expanding market opportunities within unified communications by taking the new Technical Specialist certification exam for Live Communications Server 2005. This new exam measures the ability to plan, implement, configure, and manage a Live Communications Server 2005 environment.

Microsoft Forefront Business Security Products

Learn about the new comprehensive product line that offers greater protection and control through integration with your existing IT infrastructure.

Download Free Trial of Antigen for Instant Messaging

Explore how Antigen products help protect Live Communications Server conversations and file transfers against malware and inappropriate content.

Public IM Connectivity

Enable your Live Communications Server 2005 users to add contacts, share presence information, and send instant messages to users of MSN, AOL, and Yahoo! services.

Microsoft Real-Time Collaboration Video

David Alexander of Microsoft showcases Live Communication Server 2005, Communicator 2005, and Live Meeting in action.

Live Communications Server 2005 Wins 2005 Network Magazine Innovation Award

According to David Greenfield, Executive Editor of Network Magazine, improved presence technology is making distributed collaboration more effective and easier to useā€”and Live Communications Server is the most influential convergence innovator with its federation capabilities and public instant messaging (IM) service support.

Live Communications Server 2005 Intelligent Instant Message Filter

Protect your IM network with the new Intelligent IM Filter application that allows administrators greater flexibility in protecting instant message networks.

Live Communications Server Service Pack 1

Get it today! Increase the capabilities of Live Communications Server 2005 with Service Pack 1 (SP1).

Top Ten Benefits of Live Communications Server 2005

Increasing communications, enriching collaboration, and decreasing the need to travel are just some of the benefits of using Live Communications Server 2005.

Live Communications Server IM Compliance White Paper

Read how the robust IM solution delivered by Live Communications Server can help your company meet compliance regulations.

Live Communications Server 2005 Resource Kit

This Resource Kit contains deployment reference information and tools that compliment the existing product documentation.

Microsoft Unified Communications Solutions

Watch a demo to learn how Microsoft unified communications solutions can improve efficiency in your organization.

Customer Case Studies

See how other companies have enhanced communications and collaboration with Live Communications Server.

News and Reviews

Read the latest news and reviews about Live Communications Server and Microsoft's unified communications activities.

Compare Live Communications Server 2005 with the Previous Version

See how upgrading to Live Communications Server 2005 can help you increase productivity with integrated presence and real-time communication.

Unified Communication Webcast Series

Choose from over 10 webcasts on Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 and Live Meeting.

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System Requirements
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Partner Solutions

Find a Live Communications Server partner solution to address your business needs.

Microsoft IT Showcase

Read how Microsoft deployed and uses Live Communications Server 2005.

Live Communications Server Deployment Center

Find white papers and other content to help you deploy and use Live Communications Server.

UC Information

Learn more about Microsoft's unified communications servers and services.

Presence Controls for Communicator 2005

Show presence information within any business application using Live Communications Server.


Live Communications Server Community

Participate in news groups, attend a webcast, find a user group, or join a chat.

Live Communications Server Resources on TechNet

Find documents on deployment, management, operations, and troubleshooting.

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