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Windows Live Check out Windows Live Dev
Windows Live Dev is a portal for developers looking for information on the Windows Live Platform.   

Business Opportunities with Live Services Business Opportunities with Live Services
Combine your innovation with the power of Windows Live services, then plug into a business model that will help you share in the growing revenue base of online advertising and subscription services.   

Building a Mashup with the Windows Live Contacts Gadget and Virtual Earth
Microsoft is a service provider for one of the world's biggest virtual social networks, namely Windows Live Contacts. This mashup uses the Windows Live Contacts gadget beta to show how the Windows Live Contacts world is opening up, so that you can start building more interesting applications.   

Check Out the Windows Live Expo Beta API
The Windows Live Expo API defines a set of Web services that allow developers to programmatically access the Expo classifieds listings database — a collection of location-tagged classifieds listings in categories such as merchandise, real estate, autos, jobs, local events, and commercial services.   

Get an Introduction to the Windows Live ID Service
Read all about the evolution of Microsoft Passport into Windows Live ID and how it helps make life online better for both users and developers.   

Extend Messenger with the Activity SDK
Learn how to develop and test single-user and multi-user applications by using the Activity object model.   

Learn about Creating Gadgets at Microsoftgadgets.com
Look for the "Getting Started with Gadgets" section. Or, take some of the many gadgets available in the gallery for a test drive on your own Live.com page.   

Investigate the New Windows Live Custom Domains
Provides methods for customers to programmatically manage their Windows Live Custom Domains user base by means of a Web service.   

Channel 9 Video on Messenger Activity APIs
Scott Swanson is interviewed by Robert Scoble about the Messenger Activity APIs and other Messenger-related demos.   

Want to Check Out the Latest Live Services and Applications?
Ideas.live.com has all the latest versions available for you to learn about and download. Most are in beta now, so please also send your feedback.   

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