Using FeedDemon with Bloglines: Synchronizing your Subscriptions

Adding New Subscriptions

If you add a feed to your Bloglines subscriptions, chances are you'll want it to show up in FeedDemon, too. This is very simple to do.

When viewing a Bloglines Channel Group, FeedDemon's "New Channel" toolbutton displays a Bloglines icon to let you know that you'll be adding a channel from your Bloglines subscriptions. Click this button to display the same "Add Bloglines Channel" wizard shown when you created the group. If any new subscriptions exist, this wizard will enable you to add them to FeedDemon. If no new subscriptions exist, FeedDemon will inform you that the current group already contains all your Bloglines subscriptions.

Removing Deleted Subscriptions

If you remove a channel from Bloglines, the next time FeedDemon attempts to update that channel it will inform you that it no longer exists in your Bloglines subscriptions, and ask whether you want to remove it from FeedDemon. If you choose not to remove it, you'll still be able to view previously downloaded items, but the channel's icon in the channel bar will appear disabled, and it will no longer update.